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Couples are made in Heaven ?

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Someone asked me If Couples are made in Heaven, then why parents go to Astrologers to match the Kundali ?

Well, partners are made in heaven and it is very very true. Not only couples but even parents are decided by the God as per your past karmas and desires.

When you were in Astral World before your birth, there were options for you where you want to take birth. And you opted for the particular parents where your own desired can be fulfilled.

Yes you have to wait for some time in Astral World until you get the proper parents and proper environment to enjoy or suffer your past karmas.

But this is all automatically happens like a computerized programme. God is not personally asking you that time.

Now coming to this question. Every couple has a past birth relations. May be for births together or only from last birth. After your birth, you forget all such past birth relationship. You don't know who is that boy or girl you were connected. But destiny knows all. And for your information Rahu knows everything who is the controller of Astral World.

Now at proper age you will be attracted to a certain boy or girl as per past births contacts. Some relations are for couple of months and some for couple of years but you wished him or her in past lives. You attracted him or her from past birth so he or she just came in your life suddenly.

If you broken her or his heart in past births, she or he will play the same way with you. If you loved and cared for him/her you will also get the same things. And this way your karma will be over.

Again coming to the question. When your marriage time is matured, destiny will bring the Boy or Girl with whom you have past life karmic connection.

Astrologers who are giving Green signal for marriage are the representative of your own destiny. If you both have past births karmic connection then Astrologers will say big YES. If no connection, they will say NO .

We never know the play of destiny and some time blame astrologer who matched your birth chart and still your married life is not happy. Remember that Astrologers are always driven by the Destiny .

Astrology is a divine science. Astrologers know the planets and their positive negative effects. Every parents wish that their beloved child get the best bride or bridegroom and couple may live a happy married life. They are well wisher so always try to match the birth charts.

If you have harassed your partner in past birth, she or he will play the same role with you. If you have given love and care to your partner in past life then he or she will give you madly love and care. Same is the case in love affairs.

In short destiny is fixed and will find out the boy or girl for you who has the karmic relation with you but we must try to get the best whatever is in our hands !!


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