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When one will have second marriage ?

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Many members wish to know about their spouse, a heart rending emotional question would their spouse is having affairs, is he going for an other wife ? So on and so forth. For an Indian married women who married say 10 years back or so it will be horrible on her part to see such things do happen. They approach sooth sayers or a person who can foretell. In Astrology it can be predicted, possibility can be surmised.

The person examining the chart goes with in the following process:

1.Whether the seventh house of the native is in dual sign ie. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces
2. Whether the Venus for male and Jupiter for female is placed in that dual sign said above.
3.Influence of malefic on 7 th house or lord .
4. Placement of more than 2 planets in 11 the house.
5. When dosabhukti of 3rd or 9th lord prevails by the time then the examiner tells the possibility of second wife bringing.

With this the lagna lord should be weak enough to protect the native from such evil event. Affair doesn’t fall within the ambit of second wife. Wife here is to be meant long relationship.


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