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Count down of Rajasthan Government

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Shri Ashok Gehalot took the charge as CM Rajasthan on 17 December 2018 when Aquarius Lagna was rising in the East .

I will not discuss the complete planetary discussion here but focus only on Saturn who is the lord of Lagna. In oath chart Lagna lord holds the power of CM so in this case Saturn is the ruler of this Govt.

We all know that Ketu is the planet of sudden termination. Ketu is at 4 degree Capricorn and Saturn is just walking around this degree now.

Saturn is in Sagittarius 15 degree in oath chart so from 30 June 2020 when Sun opposed this Saturn negative time for this Govt started.

Now daily we are reading in news papers that Rajasthan Govt is in problem now. what will happen. Will CM resign ?

Yes Rajasthan Govt is really in problem astrologically and this Govt will end anytime after 16 July 2020 when Sun will enter Cancer sign and join Rahu of this oath chart.

Period from 20 July is worsening and it is bad constant till 20 September 2020. More serious time for Gehlot Govt is 20 July to 5 August.

Chances are less to survive but suppose if survived now then this Govt may end latest by September 2020.


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