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Financial situation in India between 20th July to 5th August

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Economy and Finance of the world is ruled by two main planets. Saturn is the main ruler of world economy, financial growth of country, stock market and currency in the world. Jupiter rules trades, money flow in the market, banking system, turn over in business , day to day money transactions , individual income and bank balance.

So Jupiter is the main planet who maintains money flow , creates sources of income, maintain turn over in each business and makes the life journey smooth.

Now the problem is, this Jupiter is debilitated till 30 June and also retrograde up to 12 September 2020 . Top of this, Jupiter is sandwich between 2 malefic planets Ketu and Saturn .

In the Independence chart, Saturn is now opposing Moon's degree and is retrograde till 29 September 2020 so money crisis in the market will disturb the life of people very heavily. Moon in Independence chart shows people of the country .

Salaried people will be too much upset. Some may lose job and some may not get salaries in proper time or salary cut may be there. Also the labor community who is earning on daily wages basis will be harassed too much for food and money. All business sectors will be affected heavily .

Our Prime Minister has taken some good steps to control the financial situation and to relax the people but due to this much bad planetary position, now I fear some hard steps ahead from our PM.

To my view, period around 21 July is too much critical for India . PM may take some economical steps or declare Economical Emergency or some restriction on banking. This steps may upset the common people.

I don't know exactly what will happen but something I smell negative between 20 July to 5 August in India.

War situation is also likely in this period. Its difficult to predict exactly what will happen but situation is too much sensitive around this period.


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