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Independence chart and Financial Crisis in India

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Today we will discuss something regarding Corona effects and Financial crisis in India.

We got freedom on 15th August 1947 at 00.00 hours so this Independence chart is the chart of India and its working very correctly as we see the past events.

India is running Moon main Dasha and Saturn sub period between 10 December 2019 to 10 July 2021 and so here India is blocked. How ?

The Independence chart has Moon Saturn conjunction in the 3rd house. This is called Vish Yoga. So from 10 December 2019 this yoga is activated.

On the top of this Saturn also entered Capricorn on 24 January 2020 and started opposition to natal Sun and Moon of this chart. So Vish Yoga became more active.

Mars also sprayed petrol to this yoga between 22 March to 4 May so whole India is paralyzed now.

Capricorn is the 9th house in the Independence chart so a 'Badhak' house for Taurus Lagna. So Saturn sub period is the period of Badhakesh till July 2021.

The solar eclipse of 26 December 2019 was in the 8th house of this Independence chart so it was really dangerous .

In my one old post I had already predicted the money crisis and job problems in the country due to this eclipse and debilitated Jupiter .

I am reposting this prediction again below.

" Financial crisis will be increased in the market. Everybody will be affected financially due to Corona Virus.

I foresee job problems in the country and employees shall have to work hard with fix salary in coming days. Hire and Fire policies will be there.

In April, the position will be worsened and Govt will take some more hard decisions and that will affect the Govt staff too and they too will be in tensions.

Some private employees may lose their job or their salaries may be reduced at Global level."

We now experience the above effect in the market. All factories are almost closed and now those who wish to open the factories have problems of labors now. So all industries are affected badly .

This all situation will continue at least till 24 September 2020 so long Rahu is in finance house of the country and also 12th from Moon.

Mars, the lord of 12th house, is at 7 degree Gemini in the Independence chart and Rahu is just crossing this degree in Gemini .

Saturn also becomes retrograde from 11 May so even lockdown is opened money crisis and job problems will be there till September end.

So far Corona is concerned cases are still increasing just due to this Mars Saturn Rahu effect.

Sun is also in 12th house now and squaring natal Saturn so till 15 May 2020 I don't see any major improvement.

Yes when Sun crosses eclipse point (14 degree) of 26 December 2019 around 30 June 2020, Corona will be in control.

But since Moon Saturn Dasha is running in India till July 2021, Economical situation in India will remain somewhat constrained .


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