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Pluto - Complete Transformation of the World !!!

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Name of Saturn is 'Yamaagraj' means elder brother of Yama. Name of Pluto is Yama. Yama means planet of deaths.

Saturn and Pluto both are the planets who creates deaths in universe . We will take death in a wide angel.

Death means termination. Termination of old systems, death or termination of old traditions , death of old believes, end of old situation old culture and death of huge people on earth.

Start of a new era, start of new traditions , start of new environment , start of new culture , start of new world. A complete transformation we will see in next 16 years from 2020 so long Pluto is in Capricorn .

On 26 December 2019, it was a big eclipse involving 6 planets. Sun Moon Mercury Jupiter and Saturn - all energies were mixed in Sagittarius (the sign of China) created havoc in the world.

Sagittarius is the fiery sign so it was like a blast in the world.

Here comes the role of Pluto . Pluto was also there in Sagittarius very very close to Saturn. And so it was a TANDAVA. Dance of deaths following from this date.

Saturn entered Capricorn on 24 January 2020 and Pluto also entered Capricorn on 8 March 2020 and then after we are watching what is happening in the world today.

Jupiter was also victimised with this 2 planets so he was helpless to give his positive effects. And so finance, economy, jobs, business all suffered .

In this eclipse Rahu Ketu just played the role of ignition to fire. Corona was the poison emerged from this explosion .

In view of the Saturn Pluto close in 2020, I don't think Corona Virus will end from the world on 24 September 2020 but it will be only controlled by some newly researched vaccines .

But this Pluto will create too much transformation in the world. The map of the world will be changed in coming 16 years. China Pakistan like countries will also be broken in 2 or 3 parts.

There will be war between America and Iran and economy of the world will be disturbed . Some proxy war will also be there between India China. But India will be emerged as number 1 country in this 15 years.

Pluto will change complete education system, will change climate pattern , will change complete transport system, will change complete hospital and treatment system, will change complete life system....Yes this is Pluto effect ahead !!!

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