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Silver will touch 89000 !! Gold - 70000 !!

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As per my You tube video prediction of 7 April 2020 the Gold price is constantly rising high and high. It was around 43000 that time and today it is almost 57000. I have predicted the Gold price 70000 anytime within 6 months.

Now some members have requested me to check the price of Silver in future time.

Today the Silver price is 71510.

Now what will be maximum price of Silver till Diwali is my question at this moment.

It is 08.48 am at Ahmedabad today on 6.08.2020. The ruling planets are as under :

Day - Thursday Jupiter
Moon - Sat Rah Moon Merc
Lagna - Sun Venu Merc Ketu

Now see that Ketu is at very key point as sub sub lord. Sun is also Lagna lord. So as per KP table silver will easily enter Ketu zone starting from 84000 price. This price is possible before 12 September 2020.

Now Rahu is present in ruling planets. Rahu is with Venus so Rahu is also the representative of Venus.

This means Silver will sure touch Rahu level of 89000. In short Silver will touch 84000 first and then 89000 anytime before Diwali .

My this exercise is just my experiment with KP ruling planets so please don't take any risk to invest money in Silver just because of my prediction. I may be wrong. Just enjoy astrology !!!


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