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In today’s world, the political profession is the profession that can provide respect, fame, wealth, power and prosperity. But to achieve this one has to have the trait of communication, domination, wisdom, leadership quality, and moreover service to the mankind.

The politician needs convincing tactics, good oration, popularity and an element of fortune to come out as successful. If Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars are strong and favorable in the astrology chart, one can be a good orator and will be capable of convincing the people and carry the mass with him. Mars should be well placed and strong in astrology birth chart for Power and Authority. To hold the position of trust Saturn should be strong and well placed.

Is there a common astrological pattern among the successful Politicians and all those who are in Politics? While going through the astrology birth chart of Politicians it has been observed that some planetary combinations are required for their success in Politics.

The Main planets involved in the success as a politician are the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Rahu.

Sun: The Sun represent State, Power, Position and leadership quality. A well placed Sun gains respect, authority over others and reputation in the society. Following positions of the Sun are favorable for politics

The Sun should be in his own sign Leo or exalted in Aries

The Sun should be placed in the Kendra i.e. 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house.

The Sun should aspect the 9th or 10th house,  the house of fate or profession.

In few cases, 2nd, 6th, and the 12th house also lead to success in politics.

Jupiter: Jupiter represents Justice and purity. It also means service to the mankind. Jupiter represents righteousness in the politics.following positions of the Jupiter supports politics as the career:

The Jupiter in the Natal chart (birth horoscope) should be placed in its own sign Sagittarius or Pisces or should be exalted in cancer.

Aspect of Jupiter in the 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house

Saturn: Saturn is the planet that has the ability to change the fate of beggar to become a king and vice-versa. It is the planet of hard work, support from the general masses of the society, and services. The following positions of Saturn are favorable to be a successful politician

Saturn should be placed in its own sign i.e. Capricorn or Aquarius.

Saturn placed in the 10th house is the lord of the 5th and 9th house.

Saturn placed in the 6th and 11th house is also favorable.

Mars: Mars rules leadership, the courage required to face the challenges as a politician.

Strong Mars placed in his own sign Aries or Scorpio and aspecting the 10th house makes the person courageous.

Benefic Mars placed in the 7th house and aspecting the 10th also give success in politics.

Rahu: Rahu has a very important part in politics. It is the key planet in Politics. Rahu is the planet of manipulation and in today’s politics, this trait has a major role.

Rahu planet if placed well in and is benefic, it helps in winning the election.

Rahu if placed in the benefic house or is in Aries and placed in trikona, it gives success in politics.

Rahu placed in the 10th house wiVenusnus is a favorable conjunction.

Other Yogas:

Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury with a benefic aspect of Jupiter is a good combination for success in politics.

Saturn, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter placed in the Kendra leads to success in politics.

If Cancer as ascendant and Jupiter placed in the 11th house with Sun, Mercury, Venus placed in the Aries, it form raj yoga and success in politics.

Saturn and Rahu  placed in the Ascendant, Mars in the 10th house with Jupiter in trikona (5th or 9th house in Pisces or Sagittarius aspected by Sun leads to political success.

These combinations are in general and need the other things such as Nakshatra, degree and retrogression to be checked. This is possible after consulting a competent astrologer. 

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