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Kalathra Dosam - Malefics in 7th House Effects and Pariharam

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The seventh house in a horoscope is known as kalathra stana as it indicates marriage. The presence of malefics in the 7th house indicates some kind of delay/ unhappiness in marriage life. Here we shall discuss what those effects are and what the suitable remedies to overcome them are.

Planets in the 7th House Effects


Separation ,Widow Hood


Separation, Widow Hood






Enmity, Separation


1. For sun in 7th house donate an idol made up in silver that of lord Shiva.
2. For mars in 7th house donate an idol of lord subramanya made in silver
3. For Saturn in7th house donate an idol of lord Shiva made in silver.
4. For rahu in 7th house make an idol of five head snake in silver and donate.
5. For ketu in 7th house make an idol of single head snake in silver and donate.
6. Generally no one will come and accept the parihara idols; in that case you can put into hundi of temple or donate to the astrologer itself.

Note : Needless to say holistic chart analysis required before pronouncing such effects of combination


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