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1. When luminaries (sun and moon) are posited in Kendras (1,4,7,10) and ere of good strength in a horoscope, then the horoscope attains good strength.
2. For the above combination, if one of them is aspected by un afflicted Jupiter then horoscope gets special strength and horoscope indeed is a strong horoscope.
3. In analysing a horoscope, retrogression, debilitation, exaltation, lagna, lagna lord, position of Jupiter and other benefics should be give due consideration before jumping into interpretation of any bhava of the horoscope.
4. If the moon in 4th house is aspected by Unafflicted and direct Jupiter, then one will enjoy all the comforts of 4th house and also he will be an honest person and loyal.
5. Sun without any benefic aspect in 4th, one may be devoid of comfort or one’s mother may have less comfort or may have to stay away from house and do boarding education or may grow in some other house.
6. Mars in 4th to moon, may spoil marital happiness for spouse.
7. Mercury in 4th moon without any affliction, good comfort with respect to fourth house.
8. Saturn in 4th to moon – not good for own job, need to work under someone/company.
9. Jupiter in 4th to moon – success all around, provided Jupiter is not retro and moon and Jupiter are not afflicted.
10. Sun in 5th to moon – success in all endeavours.
11. Mars in 5th to moon – children problems and defeats in relationships.
12. Mercury in lagna, Jupiter in 9th and Jupiter and sun in strong position, one will work for government or achieve top most rank.
13. If 4th lord is conjoined with Jupiter in any Kendra, then one will have comfortable life.
14. If 9th lord and 4th lord are conjoined and placed in lagan then one will good finances and fortune.
15. Exchange between 4th and 9th lord indicated good comfortable life in 2nd half.
16. Exchange between 4th and 5th lord indicated good comfortable life in 2nd half.
17. Exchange between 1st and 4th lord indicated good comfortable life in 2nd half.
18. Conjunction of 1,4,9 in 8th indicates misfortunes wrto finances.
19. Sun and venus conjoined in Kendras without any other aspect will definitely have a love failure in life.
20. If lords of 2nd and 7th house are conjoined with malefics and posited in 7th house will make one lusty.
21. Sun and mars aspecting mesha, simha or Capricorn lagna will cause accidents,
22. Moon and rahu conjoined together in 5th can cause progeny issues to one / putra dosham.
23. Sun and venus in 7th conjoined and aspected by only malefics indicates there will be some kind of health issue or some organs may be handicapped to the spouse.


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