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Nadi Transits - Ketu

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Natal SUN: Father going on Pilgrimage, Orders from
Government, misunderstanding with father.

Natal MOON: Mother turns spiritual, Ill health to
Mother, divine contemplation, misunderstanding with

Natal MARS: Disputes with Brother, Blood Pressure,
Disputes with Husband, Widowhood, misunderstanding
with brother, nervous debility to brother.

Natal MERCURY: Skin Diseases, Intellect marred, poor
memory, litigation, Education disturbed, Love Affairs and
misunderstanding with girl or boy friend. Land Disputes,
Disputes with Business Partners, Obstacles to Business

Natal JUPITER: The Native turns spiritual due to
various problems in life, Ill Health, Meeting Sad Gurus,
Taking Bath in Sacred Rivers.

Natal VENUS: Ill Health to Wife or Sister, Financial
Problems, Separation or Divorce with Wife, Disputes at Home.

Natal SATURN: Termination or Resignation, Jobless,
Taking leave from office, Vexed with job, No Aim or
Ambition, Legal Problems, Financial Litigation.

Natal RAHU: Abdominal Disorders, Vomiting and loose
motions, No Growth in life.

Natal KETHU: Stomach disorder, Dispute and Disturbances at home.

For example consider as on today kethu is in scorpio as on today and it will be there for another 15 months approximately . so all those who have thier natal moon in scorpio, cancer and pisces will have mental tensions, short trips for mother, health issues with mother, erratic emotions or some kind of stress running in background.

Also in the above mentioned rashis if saturn is present then one may to change job / vexation in job/ problems in job or some kind of termination in the job environment.

Note: these are purely based on transits , if the individual chart has strong natal planets and good dbas running then above mentioned problems may be found in minimum impact.

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