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Predict through Pachanga ( Tithi) and (karana)

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Predict using only panchanga (karana)

Karana: A Karana is each tithi is divided into two equal parts, each being a Karana known by a specific name.

There are 11 karanas out of each 4 appear once in a chandramana masa on specific tithis only. They are shakuni, chatuspadam, nagavam, kimstugnam.

They are also known as stira or fixed karanas.

11 types of Karana:

1. Bavam,
2. balavam,
3. kaulavam,
4. taitulam,
5. garaja,
6. vanija,
7. bhadra,
8. shakuni,
9. chatuspadam,
10. nagavam,
11. kimstugnam



1. It is the 2nd Karana.
2. animal-tiger.
3. tiger is one of the animals in animal kingdom which wants themselves to keep always clean.
4. He always wants his place to keep neat and clean, cleanliness is next to godliness,
5. planning is most important for them; they will be aiming for success.
6. They would take extraordinary care of their children. If they develop patience in life nothing can be impossible.



Ruling Deity – Brahma.

1. In Shukla paksha it indicates 1st bhava and Krishna paksha it indicates 7th bhava.
2. This Thithi indicates knowledge and earning based on knowledge it also represents 1stbhava and 7th bhava therefore physical presence is required sometimes, he does work based on request or command of a friend or commands friends to do the work and get money thorough that, money flow is there but same time expenditure is also seen.
3. This is also slightly lustful since it indicates body.
4. Profession indicated through some Pooja, speech, working in secretariat, administrative job, IAS, government job officials, uniformed services,
5. celebrities: Ramakrishna paramahamsa, ramana maharshi, bala gangadhar tilak, vishwanathan Anand




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