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Saturn Ketu Conjunction Obstacles in Career and Remedies

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1. Saturn rules the tenth house from the kalapurusha lagna, hence Saturn decides ones profession and plays a major role in shaping profession of the native.

2. Ketu is a sanyasi planet and it gives vairagaya, detachment and obstacles in one’s life. Hence during dasa of kethu, such effects are pronounced, unless kethu is very beneficially placed.

3. In an individual horoscope if Saturn and ketu are placed together, then there will be problems in job or one will not show interest in job or there will be some obstacles related to profession.

4. The above problem will be felt when Saturn in transit meets kethu also. So let’s see how this problem caused by kethu can be minimized.

5. Generally when such sat and ketu combination is present, it is better to take up the profession related to karakatwas of kethu or at least takes it up as a secondary job along with the primary profession. For example if your primary job is stationary shop/book shop, then selling some pooja items or books related to religion or spirituality , occult knowledge ,will minimize the negative impact of kethu on your business, since it is related to karakatwas of kethu.


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