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Planet Ketu and some of the problems when it's debilitated or malefic aspects | Remedies

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Problems related to Ketu, if it is weak, debilitated, under aspects of malefic planets or badly placed in horoscopes. First, we should Check below-mentioned symptoms to find out if the problems in your looks and personality are due to Ketu.


Problems created by Ketu in your personality:

1. Ketu gives psychic abilities to its natives and makes them masters of the healing arts, natural healing, healing herbs, spices, foods, tantric healing, healing persons affected by evil spirits and ghosts.

2. Ketu brings prosperity to the devotee's family, removes the effect of snakebite and illness arising out of poisonous matter entering one's body He grants good health, wealth, cattle and all around prosperity.

3. It is also observed that the professions represented by Ketu are the ones that involve a lot of risks, danger, physical and mental strain.

4. The most dangerous aspect about an ill-disposed Ketu in the horoscope is that it may make the native experience a horrifying Near-Death Experience. It can be an accident, an electric shock, falling from a terrace of a building, a bomb explosion or a terrorist attack. 

5. Ketu also rules all the viruses in our body and may even make the native suffer from viral infections. 

6. Unfavorable influence of Ketu in the Birth Chart may not have a good dressing sense. Such people also tend to have strange tendencies. 

7. Native may grow their beards for a long time, and then suddenly shave it. 

8. They wear odd combinations in clothes and may have a bad hairstyle. 

9. They make lack personal hygiene and would appear insignificant in front of others, due to a lack of charisma and charm. 

10. They tend to suspect their life-partners without any justified reason and thus spoil their relations. 

11. They keep claiming themselves, to be honest people, though their actions may be contrary to the claims. 

12. They do not have great ambitions, and would also try to convince others to remain simple. 

13. They may pick up fights with anyone who may not agree with their opinions and ideas.



1. Ketu gets very easily pleased when a person worships Lord Ganesha. So, you may worship Lord Ganesha and chant the Mantra – “Om Gan Ganapathy Namah” 108 times on Tuesdays, especially in the evening time.

2. Offer Green Blades of Grass (Doorva grass) to Lord Ganesha and Hibiscus flowers.

3. Ketu represents the most downtrodden and despised. So, provide help to the most ignored and poor beings and donate Grey colored clothes to them.

4. Keep some Doorva grass in your pocket.

5. Feed green grass (normal) to donkeys and asses, as they are the most despised amongst animals, thus Ketu shall be pleased.

6. Kesar/Saffron is a good remedy for Ketu - eat it, apply it as a tilak mixed with raw milk, drink it, use it any way you can.

7. If Ketu is very bad, then start wearing anything made of gold - if wearing a pendant, the thread can be yellow or gray.

8. It's important to be spiritual to get good results from Ketu.

9. To stop Ketu's disturbance, stop wearing any gray colors and use mostly yellows and whites.

10. If Ketu is causing one a lot of anxiety, then it's important to wear a silver bracelet, donate sugar (khaand), give treats made of jaggery and/or items that grow underground (groundnuts with jaggery is a good option) to your friends from time to time - this is because a negative Ketu does not let one have good friends easily. 


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