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Planet Saturn and some of the problems when it's debilitated or malefic aspects | Remedies

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Problems related to Saturn, if it is weak, debilitated, under aspects of malefic planets or badly placed in horoscopes. First, we should Check below-mentioned symptoms to find out if the problems in your looks and personality are due to Saturn:

Problems created by Saturn in your personality:
1. Individuals ruled by Saturn are blessed with a good height and a bony, lean body.
2. Their face will be upright and rectangular in shape with cheeks that go inside.
3. They have deep set eyes and thin, long necks.
4. They have a prominent nose that is thin but protrudes in the downward region.
5. Their face may not bear a pleasant look. Such individuals are often seen in Labour unions, health departments etc.
6. Saturn rules over bones. All the large bones in the body of bones are ruled by Saturn.
7. Saturn gives long term and hardly curable diseases.
8. People under the influence of malefic Saturn frequently have bad teeth and they may lose them early.
9. Ailments take a long time to heal, as Saturn always delays results.
10. Saturn influenced the person to do very much hard work.
11. Saturn turns a person towards spirituality and forces him to think what is the cause of his situation, bad deeds are responsible for his current situation. slowly he becomes pious.

1. Try to be active.
2. Wear a Seven-Mukhi Rudraksha bead.
3. Clean your teeth with neem based or any Ayurvedic toothpaste.
4. Do not drink milk during nights.
5. Become strict vegetarian and quit alcohol.
6. Stay away from flirting with opposite sex and adultery.
7. Help blind people.
8. If you cook, put off stove flame with milk during nights only.
9. Do not cut down trees.
10. Feed monkeys when possible and never kill snakes or any reptiles.
11. Donate footwear to homeless people. 


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