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The Justification why Venus is exalted in enemy's sign Pisces

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All we know Jupiter and Venus are inimical to each other. In principle Jupiter is for erudition, idealism, compassion devotion, grace , gratitude, seeking , elevation of honour , proselytizing, supporting, teaching, uplifting, and see good in every thing etc.

Venus on the other hand stands for relationship , balance, justice, beauty of a thing , tactfulness, affection, refinement, aesthetism, flirting, dancing , loving, seducing , attracting etc.

One may notice from the above narratives Jupiter is broad and pervading while Venus confining and limiting. Both are there fore opposite to each other.

Venus exalts in Jupiter sign why ?

Justification is that Venus is the symbol of fineness, brings sweetness, an art form of idealistic expression which soothes our chaotic mind.

Pisces as a natural zodiac sign symbolises divine consciousness, mysticism, spiritual and psychic element, sub conscious mind. It stands for renunciation, forgiveness etc.

In those perspective no other planet can have true expression except Venus , so Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus leaves an erudite lasting event of knowledge. Let us have a convincing example the present TV cast Ramayana.

The best epic story of our past, and the creator of this broadcast so lively presented it’s episodes which speak his strong knowledge in the epic. So the conferment is an erudition gets back up of refinement and beautitude all will be attracted to this.

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