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The Planetary Placement which makes a Person Rich

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Well this is a pertinent question. To day's world any lay man wishes to be rich. I wish to under score the possibilities through this little discussion.

2nd, 6th and 10th house are the Artha houses and these houses mainly deal with money, income, career and finances. The 2nd and 11th with strong dharam trikona, 1, 5 and 9 houses, and karma houses 6 10. With this the two great benefics, Jupiter and Venus. They should be well placed. Alone Venus can’t do the job. Rahu is also important in this rapid changing horizon because most of the things are controlled by Rahu. You see America and China become richest country because of modern technologies inducted in their way of life and tradings. And last and not the least , stability attains with Saturn. So, without karma karaka Saturn one can never dream of becoming rich There are also some yogas of divisional chart, expounded by our learned sheers and Rishis but that may be complicated to mention here. So for better understanding i wish to discuss the KP method of Astrology.

In KP a single house (cusp) never gives a result. A combination of houses give results. The 10th cusp sub lord, it’s nakhastra lord if it is Venus /Jupiter/ Saturn placed strong in the chart denotes the business as his work for livelihood then we will come to know the native will amess wealth. When , in the supporting conjoint ruling period denoting the houses 2 6 10 11 (finance, the hard labour he under takes, his action for the purpose and achievement). Added with 1 5 9 the ‘Dharma trikone’ speaks the past birth deed supports him. I discussed this simplest way to see the things .

Why Venus : Venus is for abundance. Venus is for Luxury. Venus has ambitions and aspirations so Venus is always a dreamer. Venus likes to live in cold countries where temperature is very very low. So comparatively the Westerners (cold countries ) are more rich then we Indians. If Venus is strong in the chart, you are lucky to get everything in life. Venus likes Garden so you will have a bunglow with garden. If not bunglow then sure a luxurious flat with flowers and plants in your gallary. Venus likes costly cars mainly of white colour. So a Venusian has a craze for latest white cars and would like to change it in a year or two with new product.

Now what is the meaning of powerful Venus ? Just Taurus, Libra or exalted Venus in main chart is not enough to enjoy the fruits. Of course such Venus can bestow luxury and comforts in life but it will be for a certain period. Then what is that position ? Venus posits in her own star and doesn’t operate as a star Lord of other planets or the sub.

A well placed Rahu if it appears as co ruling planet gives too much wealth. The native has no limit of aspiration, ambition to be rich in life .

Jupiter is karaka for wealth. Jupiter as the sub lord of of 2nd links with strong Mars , together anywhere is good for wealth acquisition with go getting energy.

The exchange between 2nd and 11th star lord and their placement is good for wealth.

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