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Understanding 12th House od the Zodiac

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We all know very well that every house has its own impact in the birth chart. Every house has a Sign allotted as per Ascendant. Ascendant lord is a main ruler like Prime minister in the chart. He has all power to get the best result from all the houses. But 6th 8th and 12th house lords are like opposition party. They may or may not support the Prime minister in certain matters.
For example to develop or start spiritual journey 8th lord will always support. To go abroad or to be a monk सन्यासी, 12th lord will always support. To win the court case 6th lord will always support. But not in all matters because all planets are connected with our all past lives or births so all planets are the witness of good and bad karmas of our so many previous births.
Now today we will focus on 12th house. What 12th house suggests ? Generally we will tell that मोक्ष, Imprisonment, Hospital, Abroad, Financial loss and like. No these words are not enough to describe 12th house.
12th house creates loneliness. Puts one into isolation. Creates limitations in day to day life. Creates one kind of karmik control. Creates unknown surrounding and environments in the life. This is the house of unconscious mind, house of trans, house of sleep, house of dreams.
A man goes to abroad when 12th house is activated and so puts himself in the new surroundings and environments. A man gets the new job in the new surroundings when 12th activated. A man is transferred when 12th is activated. A man goes to jail and puts himself in new surroundings and also in limitation and karmik punishment when 12th is activated. A man is hospitalised and puts himself in bedridden position between doctors and nurses when 12th is activated.
A child is totally changed at the age of 12th and full change and transformation in the child will be seen by his/her parents when his/her 12th house is activated. A man gets his first job or transfer when he completes 23 years and enters 24th of his age. Activation of 12th house ! A man gets turning point when he completes 35 years of age and enters 36th. This is the time of transfer, promotion, new responsibility, new environments, Foreign journey, separation or death of some close relative or start of spiritual journey.
Remember that 12th 24th 36th 48th 60th 72th and 84th running year of age is a 12th house activation so all these running years have some events stored in. 60th year is the last year of long lasting job. Separation from all colleagues. 72th year always gives bad health or limitations of walking due to legs problems. Also sometimes exit from the world. This was the age related activation.
Now 12th house is also activated when a slow moving planet like Jupiter Saturn Rahu or Ketu is passing through this house. ( Also 2 or more fast moving planets like Sun Mars Mercury and Venus passing jointly through this house can activate 12th house but these planets have not long lasting effect. )
Also when Mahadasha or Antardasha of 12th lord is running 12th house is activated strongly. Antardasha has more impact. Also transit of Saturn through 12th house is also more important to explore the hidden power of 12th house. (When I was going through 12th lord antardasha in 8th lord mahadasha I had a Godly divine vision on Guru Purnima)
In Natural Zodiac Pisces is the 12th Sign so Jupiter has the hidden qualities of 12th house. Transit of Jupiter in 12th house may be negative in worldly matters but it has a spark to push one to his inner world and divert one's mind to understand the reality of life, to start meditation and like. When Jupiter or Saturn are transiting 12th, watch the transit of Sun in the 12th over this transiting Saturn or over this transiting Jupiter in 12th. Yes this is the exact time frame of spark or one's enlightenment.
This was just a sketch of 12th house.


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