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(Retro) JUPITER between KETU and SATURN

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Saturn is the planet of employees. Saturn is the planet of workers . Saturn is the planet of labors. Saturn is the planet of Jobs. Saturn is the planet of regular attendance and salary. Saturn is a common man.

Jupiter is the planet of money. He is the planet of peace and prosperity . Jupiter bestows good income and makes the life smooth and easy with good purchase power too when powerful in the sky.

Ketu is the planet of termination and blockage. Ketu stops the progress of the Jupiter by joining with. Rahu opens the door whereas Ketu closes the door.

See the situation in India now. Saturn, the Job creator is retrograde and Jupiter, the planet of money and happiness is also retrograde and also sandwich between Ketu and Saturn like malefic planets.

Factories and industries are not working due to want of labors. Hotels and restaurants not getting customers so not able to pay rents. Big construction companies are upset for their new projects. People are not invested now to book new flats. Multinational companies also reducing staff and reducing salaries also.

Textile industries, Diamond industries, Food sectors all are in depression now. The future of market does not seem to be encouraging due to negative planetary influence.

And this happened due to Saturn's opposition to Moon, Venus, Mercury and Sun like important planets in the Independence chart.

Money crisis is increasing in the market. Everybody is affected badly due to Corona Virus.

I foresee job problems will be increased and employees shall have to work hard with fix salary in coming days. Hire and Fire policies will be there. Some private employees may lose their job or their salaries may be reduced.

May God save all of us from this money crisis !!!

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