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I am coming up with such subject for discussion. One my point of saying here seeing the unexpected things like this Lock down, can the prediction done through natal chart hold ?

Divine Number: 196. Date: 22.05.20, time 17.10 hrs. Place : Jeypore , Odisha.

As per this divine number the rising lagna is Capricorn. Sits there Jupiter and Saturn. Mars in Aquarius, Moon Sun Mer Venus in Taurus, Rahu in Gemini.

The ruling planets at the time :

Sun Moon Mars Venus and Saturn. (Day lord, Sign, Star Sub lord ). Venus is appearing thrice in the list Venus is dominating among all. Venus maintains relation with Moon, Mercury and Sun, aspected by Mars and Jupiter, being it the 5 house. It’s significance : you would like to get help from father/government or any such super body to start a self oriented work. Where a woman closely related mother/wife/girlfriend will help you to start the venture. They physically involve in the task. It seems communication through on line. An innovative idea so far not practiced in the locality. You wish to know can it be productive. You have confidence on your capability. Houses ( Cusp) sub lords from these planets:

Sun none, Moon 3 7 8, Mars 1 , Venus 2 9 12, Saturn 4 10.

Moon and Asc are the co rulers for event creation and further march in the path. You see I am not a God. An ordinary human. I forecast these things through the ruling planets, and houses in activation. Now you please say do they comply your mind set that you wish to ask me ?

“Mora ebhe pehla tension govt job like teacher or oas semiti acchi au marriage life au spouse kemiti miliba seita sir as I have witnessed a quarrelsome life of my parents”...


The Cuspal sub lords of 4 9 11 are to be examined. They are Saturn, Venus and Ketu. What ever the planet coming divine ruling planets those matters are to take place. Ketu is not coming so, it needs to be dropped. Shani and Shukra are in RP.

Venus-Mars-Jupiter-. Saturn Sun Venus. Let us resuffle the planets and apportion in its consuctive order: Sun...Saturn. Jupiter is not in RP it needs to be dropped. The remainings are Sun Mars Venus and Saturn. Venus will give results after June and Saturm after September.

Sun signifying houses: 5 6 7 8 9 10. This combination speaks you will succeed (5 9 10 ) amidst too much struggle and impediments (6 7 8 ).

Mars: 2 4 11. It confirms you will do M.Sc and B.Ed.or any like deep studies.

Venus: 5 6 7 8 9 10. All that of Sun holds here. Venus as told after June.

Saturn: 1 2 3 12. You will change your present place. This will happen after September .


We need to see 2 6 10 11 sub lords . They are Venus, Mer, Saturn and Ketu in similar process we have to keep and weed out those planets not found in RP. The above planet combinations in stay.

2 6 10 11 houses are found in the delineation. Is it PSC that we will know from Sun. Sun is in its own star. So Sun is strong. You are likely to get Govt job.

Taking this day as the starting point if we calculate the vinsottari dasha: Sun as a Mshadasha Lord will rule till August 2022. In this period when Venus appears as Bhukti Lord i.e. after August 2021, you will get that chance. In this chart I told you Venus is more dominating. Venus gets untenanted status. It means Venus doesn’t appear as star Lord for any planets. Venus is very very strong.

So what you derive and deduce:

1.patience and fore bearance till September is the need of the hour, a new phase of mind bolster your courage after June.

2.You will complete your education part (as subscribed above) with good percentage of marks.

3. You will appear for psc and here to you will succeed.

Are you satisfied ? Babba, keep in mind “pain with gain”. Now you will have to pass through such painful life, but in coming days you will be suitably awarded.

Venus involvement speaks you will have a good earning wise wife.

Be pleased , and keep away from disappointment.


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