Fruit of Rahu according to astrology

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Rahu is the biggest planet of diplomacy. Rahu gives success after the struggle. It is clear from the horoscope of many great men. Rahu’s sitting in 12th house is very unlucky because he is the owner of jail and bondage. In 12th house. Sitting in his condition, he definitely sends him to the madness or to the hospital and jail. In any horoscope, in which house Rahu sits in 19th year, he gives its fruit and destroys it in 20th year. Rahu’s Mahadasha is 18 years old. Whenever Rahu Chandra is sitting together in any sense, he makes a yoga of anxiety.

Rahu has no zodiac sign, he does three things with the planet he sits.

  1. Eliminates all the power of that planet.
  2. His power takes himself.
  3. Gives success after extreme struggle in that sense.

Vedic Yogas

Due to Rahu, the person faces the following problems.

  1. Obstruction in job and business.
  2. Mental stress and unrest.
  3. Do not sleep at night.
  4. Failure in the exam.
  5. Don’t mind in action.
  6. Stay entangled in baseless thoughts.
  7. Suddenly more spending of money. Being or getting money by stopping.
  8. Act without thinking.
  9. Friendship with the wicked and the wicked.
  10. Tension between husband and wife and relationship with lowly women.
  11. Having diseases of stomach and intestinal.
  12. Obstruction in making works.
  13. Police and legal problems and punishment from the government.
  14. Lack of home and physical pleasures.
  15. Negligence from wealth, character, health.
  16. Black Magic coming under the influence of Tona Totka.
  17. Give a deceitful life partner with fake talks.
  18. To walk on the wrong path by showing interest in secret students.
  19. Give friends who cut the roots behind the back.
  20. Making yoga like divorce by creating a suspicious situation in husband and wife.
  21. Eliminating semen and giving sexual disease at a young age.

On the auspicious occasion of Rahu, a person gets fame, respect, raj vaibhav and intellectual availability, but when Rahu’s inauspiciousness, which is in Rahu’s Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar and twelfth expressions, a person gets many types of problems. The hardships have to be faced. Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Pisces are Rahu’s friend zodiac sign and Cancer and Leo are enemy Russia. This planet treats Venus as a royalty and hostility to the Sun and Moon. Mercury, Venus, does not consider Guru as his friend and does not have any enmity with him. He sees the fifth, seventh, ninth place from his place.

Rahu, located in different expressions of birth horoscope, reveals his guilty influence as follows.

  1. Rahu’s situation is not considered auspicious in first, second, third, fourth, seventh, ninth, tenth and eleventh bhav. But some scholars also consider the situation of the third, sixth and eleventh Bhav Rahu as auspicious.
  2. Rahu of low or Sagittarius, gives inauspicious fruit.
  3. If Rahu is sitting in sixth or eighth place by being the master of auspicious future, he gives inauspicious results.
  4. If Rahu is sitting with the sun or sitting with Venus and Mercury, he gives inauspicious fruits.
  5. Leo zodiac or Rahu seen by sun is inauspicious.
  6. If Rahu is inauspicious situation in the birth horoscope, then Rahu-peace measures must be done to relieve the pain by Rahu.

If at least five or seven of the above problems are similar in your daily routine, then of course you are also under the influence of bad Rahu. Take a remedy by showing your horoscope with a good astrology.

A few countless measures can ruin your life without showing the horoscope. Because in every horoscope the planet’s condition is different. You don’t know what will be the measures to get the planet into another sense. Only a worthy astrology can tell you this.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

It is often seen that the person tests all kinds of astrology in the case of cheap and simple measures. Whatever you say, you go as you say. He takes all kinds of measures but the situation is less and worse. This happens because the maximum of three or four measures of a bad planet give fruit. The planet starts giving its bad impact when it’s over.

This is exactly how you take medicine to cure your disease. If you take as much dose as you can, the disease will improve. If you take double dose, there will be more problems with the disease.

In some situations, such defects are also created by Rahu Ketu and Shani, which neither measures are taken nor worship lessons. That’s why you can improve your condition if you always take the remedy by showing the horoscope.

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