GAJAKESARI Raja YOGAM in Vedic Astrology by jyothishi – Part 2

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Example : 2

This the horoscope of very famous and highly successful cine-actress Mrs. Madhri Dixit. She ruled Boolywood cine field for two decades, as a very successful heroine; a multi-millionaire.

Saturn Rahu SunMercury GeminiVenus
–5– RASI Mrs. Madhuri Dixit; famous cine-heroine. Moon Jupiter
–4– Leo–11–
–3– –2– LibraLagnam



Libra is her birth lagna. Jupiter is exalted in 10th house (Cancer) from lagna. She has strong Amala yoga. She is highly successful in her profession and cine field. She earned millions of rupees. Rahu is in birth lagna. So she did not enter social service sector or did not donate liberally for temples or charities. Moon is in his own house conjunct with Jupiter (exalted) is very strong Gaja-keasri (50% strong)yoga. G.K. yoga gives her royal life; huge riches and success. Moon :- Moon is waxing and is beneficial.

Moon is lord of 10th house (profession)Sri Naryana sthana; Kendra from lagna Benefic 1 unit
Moon occupies own house Cancer Benefic 1 unit
Moon is conjunct with exalted Jupiter Benefic 1 unit
Moon is not aspected by any benefic Nil 0 unit.

Jupiter :- Guru is beneficial.

Guru is in the lord of twoMalefic houses 3rd & 6th Malefic -1 unit
Guru is in 10th house (Kendra;Sri Narayana sthana) Beneifc 1 unit
Guru is conjuct with waxing Moon Benefic 1 units
Guru is not aspected by benefics Nil 0 units

Example :3

-8- Aries -10- Saturn
-7- Raasi / BhaavaRajeev Gandhi Rahu
KetuGul LagnaSun

Moon Mercury Jupiter


-5- -4- Libra Mars

This chart has about 21 raja-yogas. The lords of lagna (Sun) and 10th house (Venus) are conjunct in birth lagna; he has Simhasana (Royal-throne ascending)yoga. Jupiter and Moon are conjunct in his birth lagna made him a top political leader. He ruled India as a Prime minister ( de facto sole monarch) during 1984—91 period. He was a multi-billionaire. He enjoyed all the benefits of Gaja-kesari yoga (45% strong). G.K. yoga is afflicted due to papa-argala yoga; Rahu (malefic) is in 12th house and Mars (malefic) is in 2nd house. So he spent billions of money for his own enjoyment and family and wife’s relatives; he never donated liberally his own earnings for temples or charities or welfare of destitutes.

Moon :- Moon is new Moon and weak and malefic.

Moon is lord of 12th house Malefic -1 unit
Moon is birth lagna in friend house Beneifc 1 unit
Moon is conjuct with beneficsJupiter, Mercury & Venus Beneific 1 unit
Mercury is aspeted by Saturn(3rd drushti) Malefic -1 unit

Jupiter :-

Jupiter is lagna in friend’s house Benefic 1 unit
Jupiter is lord of 5th (benefic) houseand 8th house (malefic) Partlybenefic 1/2unit
Jupiter is conjunct with benefics Venus& Mercury; & malefics (Sun & new Moon) Partlybenefic 1/2unit
Jupiter has 3rd drushtiof Saturn malefic -1 unit


Source: jyothishi-pandit

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