GAJAKESARI Raja YOGAM in Vedic Astrology by jyothishi – Part1

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Gaja-Keasri Raja yoga; Part-1



I received hundreds of e-mails during the past one year from my readers, requesting me to explain about Gaja Kesari and other yogas in full-detail.

Rule:– Cancer is own house for Moon and is exalted house for Jupiter. If Moon and Jupiter are conjunct in cancer the person enjoys GAJA—KESARI yogam.Gaja-kesari yogoyam Chandra-kendre Bruhaspathihi; Gaja-kesari yoga sanjatho, subha-yogam, satha aayu praapthihi; akhanda-yogadaha;na samsayaah = If Moon is waxing and full / strong (more than 66%) the yogam is strong and the person enjoys prosperity and royal comforts in life. This is very strong. Taurus is exalted house for Moon and if Jupiter and full Moon are conjunct in Taurus Gaja-Kesari yogam occurs. If Jupiter and Moon conjunct in anotherhouse or Moon is waning and weak, the yogam is weak.If another planet with debilitation or affliction in additionally conjunct with or aspects Moon or Jupiter, the yogam is spoiled.

Effects : — Jupiter and Moon, if they form a strong Gaja-kesari yoga which, according to ancient texts makes one a “leader of their village, splendorous, intelligent, endowed with laudable virtues, roar like a lion in public assembly and will please the king / ruler of the land”.

According to Jataka Desamarga, when Jupiter possesses the exceeding strength with clear bright rays, occupies the lagna, the child born should be declared to be free from all afflictions. “Hanthi sarva-graha arishtaam, Chandra Kendre Bruhaspathihi ! Yatha Gaja sahasraani nihanthi eko’ api Kesari !” = This sloka (Sanskrit verse) means that Jupiter posited in a kendra position to the Moon (Gaja-kesari Yoga) wards off all evils (that would otherwise befall on a child) caused by all the planets, just as a lion, though single, can kill thousands of elephants.

Jatakaa Parijata says : Chandra Kendrago Bruhaspathi, yath purusha, athi-balavaan, spurath, amsumaalee; svar-loka-raja; sachivaha, shamayeda vashyam; eko’ bhooni durithaani, su-dustharaani bhakyaa prayukthashva, shoola-dhare pranamaha =that if a powerful Jupiter in his full rays is posited in a kendra (1,4,7,10), he alone wards off all aristhas just as a sincere prayer to God Mahadev, who destroys all sins of the real devotee. My explanation :- The above interpretations must be adopted tp suit modern conditions and elimes. A person born in this yoga may become a municipal councellor; of the yoga is stronger, he can become a Meyor or M.L.A or M.P. If it is still stronger he can be a cabinet minister in state or central government. The beneficial results ascribed to this G.K. of any Raja-yoga are subject to qualifications based on the strength or weakness of planets involved in the yoga. One person may be the builder of a small (100 sft. carpet area) Mandir (ex: a Siddhi Vinayaka temple) in his locality. Another person may be the builder of a large and rich temple (ex: Golden Lakshmi temple for Bhagavathi Sri Maha Lakshmi Devi at Sripuram near Vellore in Tamil Nadu ). There is large difference in the strength of the G.K. yoga in both cases. Hereunder I summarise briefly the conditions which depend on the strength of planets, bhavas, constellations, conjunctions, aspects (drushtis) to determin the strength and beneficial nature of G.K. Raja-yoga.
Example :– 1 This is the birth chart of Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra (avathar of Sri Maha Vishnu), worshipped as Purushothama (the Best of Human Beings).























He has 100% strong Gaja-Kesari yoga. Sri Rama protected Dharma (rightesousness) and was Saviour of universe; and destroyer of demons and evil.

Moon :- 4 units of strength

Moon is lord of birth lagna (Cancer)Benefic1 unit
Moon is in his own house (Cancer); he is waxingBenefic1 unit
Moon has the association with exalted Jupiter in lagnaBenefic1 unit
Moon has the aspects of exalted Saturn (10th drusht) and

exalted Mars (7th drushti)

BeneficI unit

Jupiter :-

Jupiter is lord of Pisces, 9th house, BhagyaBenefic1 unit
Jupiteri is in the exalted house in lagnaBenefic1 unit
Jupiter has accoation with Moon is own houseBenefic1 unit
Jupiter has the aspects of exalted Saturn (10th drusht) and

exalted Mars (7th drushti)

BeneficI unit



Source: jyothishi-pandit

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