Gemstones and Their Astrological Significance

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A beautifully polished and cut crystallized mineral or gemstone can change your fortunes and bring immense good luck. For centuries, gems have been the prized possession for royalties, displaying their power, wealth, and status. Apart from being the fascinating ornaments, gemstones can be used for several healing purposes and astrological benefits.

Vedic astrology beliefs that the gemstone transmits its natural vibration and energies into a human life to liberate problems caused due to planetary misalignments. Though earth has over 2500 minerals, nearly 60 of these minerals become a valuable astrological gemstone. Legends associated with gems exist in every culture.

Most of these legends refer to gemstone as celestial agents that can manage and align the malefic positions of the planets in your horoscope. Wearing gemstones can benefit you in several fields including health, education, business, and personal relationships.

Different colors represent varied qualities and emotions invoked by these gems. Here are some gemstones and their astrological significance in your life.


Formed by mineral corundum, ruby is available in varied fascinating shades ranging from deep red to pink. The pigeon blood red is the purest color of high-quality rubies, and it is found in Myanmar. Ruby represents the planet of sun that emits red cosmic rays and infrared radiation to change your life.

When the sun is in perfect alignment, you will witness a surge in your social status, self-confidence, and finances. This astrological gemstone brings professional success, especially for those in the fields of politics, administration, and diplomacy. Your financial conditions will improve with continuous use of this gemstone. Also, the fiery beauty of ruby has several health benefits ranging from improved blood circulation to high vitality, better eyesight, and healthy heart. It helps people struggling with emotional distress by boosting their confidence. Since the sun is an authoritative figure in celestial bodies, wearing rubies can improve your paternal relationships.

Blue Sapphire

Like ruby, blue sapphire is also a variety belonging to the mineral corundum family. The finest quality of this gemstone comes in deep blue color with vibrant hues and medium tone. The stone can increase your trust and hope through spiritual awakening.

Also, blue sapphire carries the endless expanse of sea and sky to bring lasting benefits to your life. As the September birthstone, this gemstone can help in encountering the malefic phase of Sadhe Sati and aligns the planetary position of Saturn in your birth charts.

When Saturn has positive presence, you will experience instant success and turnaround in your ventures and career. The stone rewards with immense fortunes and extended popularity. Whether you want a career in politics or showbiz, wearing or carrying this birthstone will help. It benefits those having joint pain, arthritis, gout, or anxiety. With its calming energy, blue sapphire can tranquilize your mind and reduce stress or depression.


As the organic gemstone, pearl has a unique beauty and mesmerizing aura. The high aesthetics of this gem are accompanied by the strong metaphysical properties and healing abilities. Ancient texts from various cultures describe pearl as the queen of gems.

Since it represents the cool planet of moon, pearl can control your emotions and quell anger. You will feel more calm, relaxed, and composed when you wear a sparkling pearl. It improves maternal relationships and benefits people requiring high confidence and complete focus in their work. You can wear a pearl stone when the moon has debilitating position in the birthchart and it is joined by malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars, or Saturn.


Belonging the mineral beryl family, emerald is another precious stone with immeasurable astrological significance. It is the May birthstone that can help you excel in your financial, creative, and intellectual pursuits. Emerald represents the planet of mercury which rules intelligence.

Hence, when you wear this gemstone, it improves your reasoning skills, communication, memory, and comprehension. That means success in every department, especially in speech-related professions. You can become an excellent orator or make a career in banking, finance, market trading, and bookkeeping by wearing this gemstone. It also helps if you suffer from any skin-related ailment, poor eyesight, or ear infections.

Red Coral

Red coral is another organic gemstone with deep meaning and astrological significance. It is associated with the planet Mars known for its aggression and determination. You will experience a better focus and initiative with strong mental stamina by wearing this stone.

Vedic astrology refers to Mars as the planet ruling land and properties. So, wearing red coral helps people associated with industries like real estate, mining, asset management, oil exploration, and interior designing. Health wise, it can restore psychological, digestive, and circulatory health of the wearer. You will get a boost in your immunity if you wear this astrological gemstone.


The honey-colored variety of grossular garnet is called hessonite. This amazing gemstone can help overcome the negativities and vile impact of Rahu on your birth chart. It can power, success, and wealth to your life. People wearing hessonite get unprecedented financial gains and favorable positions at work. This stone can specifically benefit those working in diplomatic positions, public relations, and commissioning trades. It brings confidence and clarity if you grapple with anxiety, stress, or fear. Most importantly, it has health benefits to relieve indigestion, asthma, and depression.

Yellow Sapphire

As one of the most precious gemstones mined on earth, yellow sapphire brings many astrological advantages like blissful matrimony, better health, and professional success. This stone from corundum family has a beautiful and vivid canary yellow color with natural inclusions that enhance its beauty.

If you wear yellow sapphire, you may invoke the power and positive energies of the planet Jupiter. As a result, you will gain fortunes in your business ventures and financial stability. Apart from materialistic wealth, yellow sapphire also brings marital harmony and rejuvenated health to your life.

You can use this gemstone to evoke the chakra between your navel and ribcage to control your immunity and digestion. These are some precious and semi-precious gemstones available at leading online stores like GemPundit where you can buy them at reasonable prices. Don’t forget to ask for quality certification to ensure that you invest in high-quality, genuine, and untreated gemstone sourced through ethical practices.

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