Girl Baby or Boy Baby – Who will bring Happiness

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( The main concept of this post was an ESP or Clairvoyance in my mind during meditation. I have elaborated it after testing some examples. Please read this carefully )

Mars is a male (Kaam). Venus is a female (Rati ). Mars is an excitement and erectile function. Venus is an arousal and orgasm. Mercury is desire and child planning. Rahu is libido and active sex. Jupiter is conception. Saturn causes success or failure. Ketu is miscarriage. Sun is Y chromosome and life force. Moon is X chromosome and growth of Embryo.

If conception happens then Jupiter takes care of pregnancy till 9 months. If Saturn is not supporting then conception fails. Rahu and Ketu holds past life curses so if they are connected with Jupiter, terminates pregnancy and creates abortion or sometime false pregnancy. Child birth is a result of all 9 planets joint play.

X and Y Chromosome and Planet

We all know that after sex, if X of female and Y of male joins in the Uterus creates Embryo of male child. If X of female and X of Male joins in the Uterus creates Embryo of a female child.

Sun is controlling Y chromosome. Leo is the 5th Sign in natural zodiac. So Sun’s life force is hidden in Y chromosome. Y chromosome is transferred from father to son only. Sun with support of Jupiter continues the channel of generation. Father to Son and Son to Grand Son and like. So if male child is born then Sun and Jupiter gets activated in the birth charts of parents for 12 years from the day of birth.

Planet Sun and Child Birth

Sun takes a round of zodiac in 12 months whereas Jupiter completes the zodiac in 12 years. Same way both the planets have a cycle of 12 years in the life of parents after the birth of Baby boy. When a male child is born your Jupiter is activated in full form along with the house where Jupiter is seated in the birth chart. Yes remember this !!!

Parents enjoy the happiness and joyful moments of their Baby Boy fully for first 12 years ONLY. Male child is under parent’s control up to 12 years age only. Second round of 12 years cycle is now controlled by Jupiter alone and that too 75%, so Jupiter gives happiness from the Son maximum up to 24th year of his age provided Jupiter in chart is strong or well placed.

Boy Baby

The day Boy completes 24 years, your past life Karmik relation with your Son is cut off so the behaviour of male child takes slow turns and all your joy, pride and happiness of male child birth becomes the PAST MEMORY only. Either Son separates from the parents due to higher study or due to job or due to marriage or sometime Son is totally changed. You will realise that you were living in a delusion and false dreams. Reality is different except your Jupiter is well placed without any malefic aspect. Male is an subtle incarnation of ‘Purush’ and He is independent.

Girl Baby

Now come to Moon. Moon is the ruler of X chromosome. X chromosome has hidden motherhood of Moon and womanhood of Venus so when Baby girl is born Moon and Venus are activated in your chart. This is why Baby girl is called ‘Laxmi’. Moon and Venus are the ruler of 4th house so Girl has motherhood feelings from the childhood. If a baby girl is born, watch her motherly care and soft behaviour. She feeds her barby doll in her laps and likes to play the role of a teacher. She loves and advises the parents like a matured ‘Dadi ma’.

Moon takes a round of zodiac in 27 days so Moon is activated in parents charts for 27 years along with Venus. Daughter gives happiness, love and takes full care of her parents for CONSTANT 27 years, may be married or unmarried. If Moon and Venus are strong or well placed in your chart then be rest assured that your Daughter will take care of you till 54 years of her age. So you will get full love and care in your old age and she will help you even through her husband. Female is the subtle incarnation of Prakriti. The maya of God. She handles all the situation and plays the role like a mother of the parents in their old age.

Baby Boy Vs Baby Girl

If the pregnancy of your wife is of male child your position will be struggling that time but after the birth of Son, the Jupiter and Sun will be activated and the houses where they are seated will also be activated.

Whereas in the case of birth of a female child, slowly slowly financial position will be improved after her birth because Baby girl herself is Laxmi and came to your door step to bless you. Yes, this is the fact and tested in many charts. The houses where Moon and Venus are seated are also activated immediately after the birth of a Baby Girl.

This is the reason we must welcome the birth of a baby girl to get real happiness in our life. She is the child form of Great Mother of Universe.

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