Guru Chandal Yoga

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According to the prevailing definition of Guru Chandal Yoga in Vedic astrology, if in any horoscope, one of the Guru or Ketu is located with Jupiter, or in any horoscope, there is a connection with the Guru’s Rahu or Ketu’s vision etc. In such a horoscope, Guru Chandal Yoga is formed, due to whose side effects the character of the person can be corrupted and such a person can be involved in immoral or illegal activities.

What is Guru Chandal Yoga?

Jupiter has been called Guru in the creation of this defect and Rahu and Ketu are considered Chandal and Guru Chandal Yoga in the horoscope due to the situation or vision of any planets considered as Chandal. What is considered to be. For example, if the Guru in a horoscope is located in the first house of the horoscope and one of the Rahu or Ketu is located in the first house with the planet Guru or one of the two planets is located in another house of the horoscope. If you make relationship with Guru through vision, then Guru Chandal becomes Yoga in the horoscope.

Guru Rahu and Ketu Relationship

Many Vedic astrologers believe that Rahu’s relationship with Guru in a horoscope makes the person much more materialistic, due to which such a person wants to earn more and more money to fulfill his every wish, for which such a person is mostly unethical. Or chooses illegal activities. This class of these Vedic astrologers also believe that if Ketu has a relationship with a Guru in a horoscope, unwanted errors come in the character of the person and this type of effect can make the person violent, religious radical and hypocrite. The walking person can become a crisis for the people and society living around you.

Auspicious effect of Guru Chandal Yoga

But it should be kept in mind that this yoga named Guru Chandal does not give inauspicious effect to every person, but many people who are under the influence of this yoga are also the owner of very good character and good human qualities who have a special place in the society and Reputation is achieved. The coincidence of Guru and Rahu in a horoscope can definitely boost the materialism in the caste, but it is very important to know the nature of Guru and Rahu in the horoscope before doing this type of Guru Chandal Yoga.

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Auspicious Guru of inauspicious Rahu

There is no doubt that the Guru Chandal Yoga which is made by coincidence with the auspicious Guru of inauspicious Rahu in a horoscope can have a side effect on the general and specific characteristics of the Guru, such as if the auspicious Guru in a horoscope, if the business of the Jatak is displayed. In this horoscope, due to Guru Chandal Yoga made by the coincidence of Guru and inauspicious Rahu, such a person can choose illegal and immoral works to earn money because the effect of inauspicious Rahu will corrupt the Guru, whose effect is Guru. Can be seen in the business area of the person who is featured in the area of the person.

Inauspicious effect of Guru Chandal Yoga

The worst situation in a horoscope can be seen when Guru Chandal Yoga is being created by the coincidence of inauspicious Rahu and inauspicious Guru in the horoscope because the person who comes under the influence of this type of Guru Chandal Yoga has different lives of his life. The areas may have to bear damage.

Auspicious Guru of auspicious Rahu

The results of Guru Chandal Yoga created by Shubha Guru and Shubha Rahu in a horoscope are completely different from the bad effects attached to this yoga and this Guru Chandal Yoga Jatak created by Shubha Guru and Shubha Rahu in different areas of his life. I can provide very good and auspicious fruit. For example, the auspicious effect of Guru Chandal Yoga, which is located in the fifth house of a horoscope of Shubha Guru and Shubha Rahu, is the auspicious impact of Guru Chandal Yoga, a famous and prestigious philosopher, social worker, saint, spiritual teacher or a spiritual evolved person or astrologer etc. The people who are under the strong influence of this yoga, try specially for the benefit of the society, due to which they get fame and respect in the society.

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Coincidence of Guru and Rahu

In addition to this, if there is a coincidence of Guru and Rahu in any horoscope, it is also possible that Rahu may be auspicious from these two planets and the Guru is inauspicious, due to which Guru Chandal Yoga will be made in the horoscope, but here the inauspicious Guru is really the Chandal Rahu will be blamed for working and being under the influence of inauspicious Guru which may cause losses in areas related to Rahu’s characteristics. So, in a horoscope, it is necessary to tell about the fruits of Guru Chandal Yoga, which is made by the coincidence of Guru and Rahu, first of all, it is necessary that in that horoscope, the auspicious inauspicious nature of Guru and Rahu and the strength of both of them etc. Let’s know.

Result of Guru Chandal Yoga

Similarly, in a horoscope, in the situation of becoming Guru Chandal Yoga by the coincidence of Guru and Ketu, there can be different possibilities like Guru Chandal Yoga created by Guru Rahu and the fruit of this yoga is the auspicious inauspicious nature and strength of Guru and Ketu etc. Will depend on. In a horoscope, the Guru Chandal, who is made by the coincidence of inauspicious Guru and inauspicious Ketu, can make a person a disgusting person and such a person can hurt or kill many people on the basis of caste, religion etc.

Guru Chandal, who is made by the coincidence of Shubha Guru and Shubh Ketu, can provide a very developed person to the society in spiritual and humanely, who spend their whole life in the service of humanity and in the welfare of the people. In this way, the result of Guru Chandal Yoga can be different for different castes and in the auspicious situation of Guru and Rahu Ketu in a horoscope, the person can also get very good results from this yoga.

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