Hamsa Yoga in Vedic Astrology

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Hamsa Yoga In Sanskrit Panch means Five, Maha means great and Purush means man (individual). The Yoga is formed by five planets Mars, mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn. Any of these five planets in it’s own sign, Mool Trikona or exalted in a kendra (quadrant) which is 1, 4, 7 and 10th house. Kendra is Vishnu sthan, Mahapurusha Yogas are formed only when the planets are in Kendras i.e. 1/4/7/10 house, not in any other house. Kendras are Vishnu sthanas and Mahapurusha Yogas forms the five great qualities of Vishnu. Thus Mhapurusha yogas are called Pancha mahapurusha YOGAS. Birth chart of Lord Rama Chandra and Krishana bhagwan  had multiple of these Mahapurush Yoga. Name of these Five Yoga as per association of different planets Ruchak Yoga                Mars Bhadra Yoga                 Mercury Hamsa Yoga                 Jupiter Malavya Yoga               Venus Shasha Yoga                Saturn   Mahapurusha Yoga, whatever that planetary energy represents will be accentuated in the individual’s life. Hamsa Yoga When Jupiter is Exalted or Moola Trikona or Own House and placed in quadrant 1/4/7/10 (Kendra/ Cardinal). Exalted in Cancer upto 5° Moola Trikona Sagittarius upto 10° Own House Sagittarius and Pisces   Hamsa Yoga cannot occur with reference to every sign of the zodiac in the same house. Table is given below for every ascendant Cancer Sagittarius Pisces          1st House Capricorn Gemini Virgo              7th House Libra Pisces Gemini                   10th house Aries Virgo Sagittarius               4th house Yogphal (effect)   हंसे सद्भिरभ्रष्टुतः क्षितिपतिः शङ्खब्जमत्स्याङ्कुशै

  • श्र्चिन्हैः पाद्कराङ्कितः शुभवपुर्मृष्टान्नमुग्धार्मकः ||

फल दीपिका haMse sadbhirabhraShTutaH xitipatiH sha~NkhabjamatsyA~Nkushai- shchihnaiH pAdakarA~NkitaH shubhavapurmR^iShTAnnabhugdhArmakaH | Phal Deepika   Hamsa Yoga person has a beautiful personality. Fair complexioned, Reddish face, broad forehead, long nose, wide chest and good feet. Golden glowing skin with colour of eyes is that of pallor of honey, as yellow colour Pita Varna is sorted for Jupiter. Timber of voice is sweet like swan (literary), Eloquent and desirous to do good things for others. Number of friends and extollers keep increasing. He has a fleshy body with robust built. The Hansa Yoga jatak is ‘a man of words’ the person has ability to give impartial judgements. Nothing can lure and deviate from doing so. Hamsa purusha has magnetic personality this increases number of acquaintances. People born with Hansa Yoga have life span of sixty to hundred years. They have a happy phase in old age. Family life is also successful. Jupiter is the planet of Dharma, Religion and righteousness so these qualities are predominant in the persons born with this yoga. The person is likely to be attracted to oriental philosophies especially towards Hindu Religion. The Hamsa means in Sanskrit (हंस haṃsa pronounced hans) an aquatic bird Goose or Swan. It is a synonym of knowledge (divine) in Sanskrit. In Indian philosophy meaning of Hamsa is elaborated well and associated with Purity, quality, detachment and faithfulness. Hamsa word widely used as metaphor Sanskrit and Hindi literature and poetry such as “नीर क्षीर विवेक” ability to filter or separate milk from water from a mixture of milk and water symbolises ability to separate or choose quality from anything. Another pharse “या हंसा मोती चुगे या लंघन कर जाये” either hamsa eats pearls or skip the meal this means Hamsa remains uncompromised for good. Hamsa is (वाहन) carrier of the creator Brahma and Goddess of knowledge Devi Saraswati. Region related to Hamsa yoga Since the yoga is related to Jupiter and Cardinal Direction of North – East is for Planet Jupiter. In Jaatakparijaat region for Guru Jupiter is from Gautami to Vindyachal. In Raja Rama’s Horoscope exalted Jupiter is in ascendant with Moon forming Hamsa Yoga along with *Guru-Chandi (silver) *Guru Chandra (Guru Chandi/ Chandee Yoga) In Vikramaditya II horoscope Exalted Jupiter in Cancer Zodiac occupying quadrant (Ascendant in the case)   Source: astroworld

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