Horoscope Analysis for Divorce or Separation in Vedic Astrology

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Divorce Indication in Vedic horoscope

Divorce is a state in which a husband and wife discover that they do not have compatibility or proper understanding due to non co-operation of the other party. They go to the concerned court asking for legal separation.
The basis of Vedic astrology is the Karma theory or all actions produce equal and opposite reactions. What we do today whether it is good or bad is bound to bring the corresponding reaction as a gift or punishment in proper timescale. So hen a birth takes place the planetary setup at that time in the heavens indicate the type of events that will materialize in the life of an individual. This mean s from the birth chart of a new born child we can fore see whether he is going to have a divorce in his life and when.

Just as we look for the good features of a Horoscope so also we are bound to see the bad features which are engraved there in the horoscope. The Natural malefic planets viz, The Saturn, Mars, Raahu and Kaytu are agents of Divorce. Sun acts as a catalyst in divorce cases.
In a horoscope the ascending sign is taken as the first point and all other houses are in sequence to the first one. The houses 2nd, 4th, 5th 6th, 7th 8th, 11th and 12th are concerned with marital affairs.
When these houses become weak and their owners associate with or aspected by malefic they signify trouble in married life. When malefic planets occupy the crucial houses like Mars occupying the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house is sure sign of trouble. In Vedic astrology a horoscope with Mars in this position is labeled as “Maanglik” which means one with Martian blemish. This position of Mars signifies, divorce, separation or death of partner.
By examination of thousands of horoscopes it has been found to be true and in all cases of divorced couple such defect will be seen in their horoscope.
Vedic astrology prescribes ways and means of neutralizing the blemishes found in the horoscope and when properly matched the divorce does not take place.
Even when I write this I have on hand the Horoscope of a young girl where the strong possibility of divorce is indicated. An eminent astrologer has suggested certain remedies which if observed can avert the divorce and life will go smoothly for the girl.
It is good that the girl’s mother has deep faith on astrologers and she will do her best to avoid the trauma in her daughter’s life.

It is therefore necessary to get the horoscopes of individuals checked for possible divorce indications and if found then horoscope matching should be done to avoid the divorce. The reputation of Indian Astrology in this regards impeccable.

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