Houses or Bhavas in Vedic Astrology – Part 2

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Each Bhava as per sage Parasara

1. Indications of Tanu Bhava. Physique, appearance, intellect (or the organ of intelligence, i.e. brain), complexion of the body, vigour, weakness, happiness, grief and innate nature are all to be guessed through the ascending Rasi.

2. Indications of Dhana Bhava. Wealth, grains (food etc.), family, death, enemies, metals, precious stones etc. are to be understood through Dhan Bhava.

3. Indications of Sahaj Bhava. Sahaj Bhava indicates the following: valour, servants (attending etc.), brothers, sisters etc., initiatory instructions (Upadesh), journey and parents death.

4. Indications of Bandhu Bhava. Conveyances, relatives, mother, happiness, treasure, lands and buildings are to be consulted through Bandhu Bhava.

5. Indications of Putra Bhava. The learned should deduce from Putra Bhava amulets, sacred spells, learning, knowledge, sons, royalty (or authority), fall of position etc.

6. Indications of Ari Bhava. Maternal uncle, doubts about death, enemies, ulcers, step-mother etc. are to be estimated from Ari Bhava.

7. Indications of Yuvati Bhava. Wife, travel, trade, loss of sight, death etc. be known from Yuvati Bhava.

8. Indications of Randhra Bhava. Randhra Bhava indicates longevity, battle, enemies, forts, wealth of the dead and things, that have happened and are to happen (in the past and future births). 

9. Indications of Dharma Bhava. Fortunes, wife’s brother, religion, brother’s wife, visits to shrines etc. are known from Dharma Bhava.

10. Indications of Karma Bhava. Royalty (authority), place, profession (livelihood), honour, father, living in foreign lands and debts are to be understood from Karm Bhava.

11. Indications of Labha Bhava. All articles, sons, wife, income, prosperity, quadrupeds etc. are to be understood from Labha Bhava.

12. Indications of Vyaya Bhava. From Vyaya Bhava, one can know about expenses, history of enemies, ones own death etc.

The representation of houses in general Lagnam

Represents the person, his innate nature and state of health, vitality, longevity, happiness, personality, appearance, prosperity, general disposition in life, reputation and status, desires and their fulfillment and the body parts – complexion, head (cranium and forehead) and brain, hair, pituitary glands, etc. for example, weakness of the first house and/or afflictions to the first house or its lord result in a sickly constitution, causing vulnerability to headache, mental tension, paralysis, giddiness, wounds, scars, erratic activity of endocrine glands, derangement, brain fever, stupidity, nose bleeding, etc. A strong Soorya and Kuja, as significators for vitality and energy respectively, help as a protective cover.

Represents wealth, family, livelihood, nourishment, male child, higher education, professional position, spouse, second marriage, continuance of married life, possession of precious stones and metals, money in cash, earning capacity, financial status, fortune, prosperity, movable properties, speech, vision and the body parts – face and its organs (nose, throat, mouth, tongue, teeth and eyes, especially the right one), facial bones, upper
neck and its bones, gullet, larynx, cerebellum, trachea, cervical region and cervical bones, tonsils, etc. for example, weakness of the second house and/or afflictions to the second house or its lord cause vulnerability to poor digestion, disorders of speech, throat, cervix, gums, eyes, teeth, etc., and diseases mainly arising out of a weak venous system. A strong Budha, as a significator of speech, helps as a protective cover.

Represents younger brothers or sisters, neighbors, courage, physical strength, sports, initiative, entrepreneurial nature, the power of understanding, short journeys, initiation into spiritual techniques, writing and communicative capability and the body parts – lower neck, shoulders, arms and ears (especially the right ones), hands, shoulders and collar bones, thyroid gland, respiratory and nervous systems, etc. for example, weakness of the third house and/or afflictions to the third house or its lord cause vulnerability to problems of respiratory canal, disorders of thyroid, imbalances in the nervous system, depression resulting in partial paralysis, stammering, shoulder pains, fracture in the collar bone region, partial deafness, respiratory diseases, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. A strong Budha, as a significator of communicative capability, helps as a protective cover.

Represents mother, happiness, upbringing, relatives, friends, supporters, basic education, vehicles and conveyances, domestic peace, mind, mental peace, spiritual life, confidence, righteous conduct, close of life, comforts, luxuries, country of birth, immovable properties, real estate, land, wells and tanks, house, home, assets and the body parts – the rib cage, heart, chest, lungs and breasts. for example, weakness of the fourth house and/or afflictions to the fourth house or its lord cause vulnerability to coronary problems, physical ailments of breast, chest, heart and epigastric region, lung disorders, mental disorders, lunacy and the problems connected with the circulatory systems. A strong Chandra as a significator of mother, Sukra as significator of comforts and Kuja as significator of immovable properties help as a protective cover.

Represents intelligence, emotions, discernment and discrimination, intellectual and mental talents, memory, creative intelligence, emotional happiness, love, romance, lover, speculative gains from investments, organizational ability, success, progeny, children, knowledge, wisdom, higher learning/education, training, fall from position, social life, inclinations, spiritual pursuits, disciples and students, devotion, Ishta Devata, mantras, yantras, amulets, resources and merits we bring into life, future, digestion, etc., and the body parts – upper belly, stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, colon, diaphragm, spine and spinal cord, pregnancy, etc. for example, weakness of the fifth house and/or afflictions to the fifth house or its lord cause vulnerability to diabetes, peptic ulcers, anemia, colic pains, stones in gall bladder, acidity, spinal cord disorders, dyspepsia, diarrhea, pleurisy, heart problems, etc. A strong Soorya, as significator of digestion – nourishing agent of the body, helps as a protective cover.

Represents disputes, diseases and injuries, debts, enemies, opponents, competitors, thieves, fears, doubts, worries, vices, weaknesses, sound financial position, maternal uncles, service, employees, good health and protection against losses through theft, fire and cheating, miSoorya derstandings, confrontation, litigation and the body parts – waist, navel, lower abdomen, kidneys, small intestine, upper part of large intestine, intestinal
function, appendix, etc. for example, weakness of the sixth house and/or afflictions to the sixth house or its lord cause vulnerability to problems of appendicitis, poisoning, colic, constipation, hernia, blood urea, psychiatric problems, exhaustion and nervous breakdown. In other words, health, financial position and the position with reference to the opponents is identified through this house. A strong Budha and Kuja, as significators
for health, help as a protective cover.

Represents long term relationships, legal ties, spouse, partners in life and partners in business, vitality, potency, fertility, passion, outgoing nature, adultery, moral conduct, pleasures, comforts and life in foreign lands, success in love affairs, conjugal life, home abroad, travel, trade or business, expansion and the body parts – pelvic girdle, lumbar region, bladder, lower part of large intestine, inner sexual organs such as ovaries, uterus, cervix,
testicles and prostate gland, etc. for example, weakness of the seventh house and/or afflictions to the seventh house or its lord cause vulnerability to generative organs, venereal diseases, arthritis, gout pains, urination problems, impotency, sterilization, renal problems, etc. A strong Sukra, as significator for marital relationship, helps as a protective cover.

Represents longevity, research, interest in mystical sciences, occult, inner and outer transformations, past and future events, inheritance, death, will and testament, insurances, easy gains, marital-tie, vulnerability, fear, accidents, obstructions, litigation, bankruptcy, theft, losses, misfortunes, disgrace, disappointments and the body parts – scrotum and anus, outer sexual organs, excretory organs, pelvic bones, etc. for example, weakness
of the eighth house and/or afflictions to the eighth house or its lord cause vulnerability to hidrocele, fissure, impotency, piles, urinary infections, boils, chronic diseases, etc. A strong Sani, as significator for longevity, helps as a protective cover.

Represents father, preceptor, spiritual learning, spiritual inclinations, intuition, charity, virtue, duty, destiny on the basis of past lives and resultant happiness, meditation, foreign travel, long journeys of short duration and life in foreign lands, education abroad, grace, luck, general fortune, sudden and unexpected gains, religion, pilgrimages, philosophy, law, medicine, remedies, past, etc., and the body parts – thighs, left leg, thigh bones, bone marrow, hips, hip joints and the arterial system. for example, weakness of the ninth house and/or afflictions to the ninth house or its lord cause vulnerability to anemia, low productivity of blood, talassemia, leukemia, high fevers, diabetes, rheumatism and troubles in hips and thighs, etc. A strong Guru, as significator for general fortune, and a strong Soorya, as significator for father, help as a protective cover.

Represents profession, career, vocation, promotion, livelihood, power, fame, public esteem, status, position, honor, karma in life, character, authority, government, employer, living abroad, ambition, next birth, happiness from male progeny, debts and the body parts – knee and kneecaps, joints and bones. for example, weakness of the tenth house and/or afflictions to the tenth house or its lord cause vulnerability to arthritis, broken knees, inflammation of joints, general weakness, skin diseases and allergies, emaciated body, etc, besides giving setbacks in professional matters. A strong Soorya, as significator for organizational capability, helps as a protective cover.

Represents income, prosperity, gains, profit, friends, elder brother or sister, hopes and aspirations and their fulfillment, etc., and the body parts – shanks, ankles, shin bone, right leg, left ear and left arm. for example, weakness of the eleventh house and/or afflictions to the eleventh house or its lord cause vulnerability to circulatory problems, fracture of the lower portion of legs, pain in legs, problems of low productivity of blood, cancer
of leg, etc. A strong Sani, as significator for easy sources of income, helps as a protective cover.

Represents expenses, losses, expenditures for charity, end of life, exile, life in foreign lands, obstructions in life, separation from family, going astray, withdrawal into retreat, transcendence, enlightenment, seclusion, imprisonment, hospitalization, pleasures of bed, sound sleep and work behind the scenes, as work in a hospital, asylum, prison, military quarters, or monastery, etc., and the body parts – left eye, lymphatic system and feet. for example, weakness of the twelfth house and/or afflictions to the twelfth house or its lord result in problems to the body parts governed by this house, sleep disturbances and weaken the immunization power. A strong Chandra, as significator for immunization power and mental peace, and a strong Sukra, as significator for happy marital relationship and comforts, help as a protective cover.

Conclusion:- The study of bhava and the importance of bhava is verymuch essential to judge the vedic horoscopic chart. The study of this article will be a nutshell for the astrologers.



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