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Following are the guidlines to be used for analyzing the functioning of any debilitated planets. 

  1. Debilitated planets are likely to retain their malefic nature despite getting the status of “Neecha Banga Yoga”. For example, the bitter gourd does not lose its bitterness, even if its soaked in honey.

  2. Any Debilitated Planet that owns any malefic house (like 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th/Pathaga Graha/Maraka Graha) works in a very dangerous manner, if its debilitation gets cancelled due to the “Neecha Banga Yoga” status.

  3. The debilitation of any debilitated planets gets automatically cancelled if its moving in a retrograde manner.

  4. The Parivarthana Yoga (interchange of houses) of any two debilitated planets automatically cancels their debilitation status.

  5. The Debilitation gets cancelled, if a debilitated planet is viewed by another debilitated planet.

  6. If a Debilitated planet is malefic and gets “Varkothama Effects” (placement of the planet in the same zodiac house both in Rasi and Navamsa charts), then its malefic nature increases to a dangerous level.

  7. If a debilitated planet is combusted by the Sun, then the power of the particular Planet dips down to a dangerously low level.

  8. Any Debilitated Planet that owns any malefic house (like 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th/Pathaga Graha/Maraka Graha) gets “Thithi Sunya” (Zeroness of Thithi) effects, then it delivers highly malefic results.

  9. If any debilitated planet traverses in the 22nd Nakshatra from the natives Jenma Nakshatra, then it delivers highly negative results.

  10. The Debilitated planet automatically damages the house, where it is being placed.

  11. The Mahadasa of the debilitated planets delivers unfavourable results atleast once, even if the planet is placed in a highly benefice house.

  12. If the debilitated planet is stronger in the Navamsa chart, then it delivers comfortable results.





Source: horoscopeanswer

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