How will be the husband or wife: Planet and Seventh house

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The fruit of the planet located in the seventh house.

According to astrology, information about the spouse of any person can be found in a big way. It’s not that only by looking at the kun dali of a male can tell everything about his wife or his husband by looking at a woman’s kun dali, but a fat guess can be made. At least it is so clear that how the person will marry his spouse?

Seventh Bhav | Saptam Bhav

Saptam Bhav is seen for this in Jyotish. Seventh Bhav tells what will be the nature of the wife, how will the nature of the person be with the wife? There can also be some shallow information about physical characteristics and character properties. Although for marriage, most of the meetings i.e. Nakshatra based on the constellation, virtue matching and mangal dosh are seen prominently, but if the seventh bhav is kept special, the best choice can be made.

In this article, we will know that according to traditional Indian astrology, if there is a planet in Saptam Bhav, then it will have an impact on the life of the person.

The sun makes you cry:—

Female: Paribhav: Madge Patange (Acharya Varahamihir)

If the sun is located in the seventh day of birth, then the man gets the contempt of women. Although according to the sources, it has been said only for the male caste, but it is seen that if there is a sun of saptam in the kun dali of a woman, then a woman has to bear the pity of her husband. The spouse of such castes often insult the castes in a crowded gathering or even in the market. It’s not that they intend to offend, but it’s mostly situations that become a Trespass or an insult.


The moon is easily under control:–

सौम्यो ध्रिश्यः सुखितः सुशरीररः कामसंयुतोद्दूने।
दैन्यरुगादित देहः कृष्णे संजायते शशिनि।। – (चमत्कार चिन्तामणि)

If there is moon in the seventh house, then a man is happy, beautiful and sensual who is under the control of humility. If this moon is weak then man becomes poor and sick.

Tough life partner gives Mars:–

Women are dead, lowly, lowly women are confluence.

Kujetisustani hard work kucha. . – (Parashar)

The situation of seventh Mars is often told by the Acharyas by suffering, the wife dies due to Mars in the seventh house. Kamanal calms from lowly women. Woman’s breasts are advanced and tough. The person is often physically deprived, the patient, the enemy is engaged in confusion and worries.

Beautiful woman gives Saptam’s Mercury:–

बुधे दारागारं गतवति यदा यस्य जनने।
Happy birthday to you. ।
मृगाक्षिणां भर्तुः प्रभवति यदार्केणरहिते।

Tada Kantischachat Kanakas Drishimohajanani. ।

  • (Jatak Parijat)
    The man who has Mercury in the seventh house in his birth is the owner of a very beautiful and mriganyani woman. If Mercury is alone, then there is a light like a gold that fascinates the mind. He must be relaxed in sex. Her semen is weak.

The clown half gives the old husband:–

Scriptures humble chito humbled: Kantanvitatyantasanjat Sousthayah ।
मन्त्री मर्त्यः काव्यकर्ता प्रसूतो जायाभावे देवदेवाधिदेवः।
The person whose birth time Guru is located in the seventh Bhav, he is humble by nature. The owner of a very popular and magnetic person is his wife. In true meaning, he is a half-wife and a clown. It gets the pleasure of women and wealth. This is good advisor and poetry composition is skilled.

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But Venus is attracted to women:–

भवेत किन्नरः किन्नराणां च मध्ये।।
स्वयं कामिनी वै विदेशे रतिः स्यात्।

Last day in Shukrana: Shukrabhumau. . (Miracle Chintamani)

The person who has the seventh bhav of Venus in his birth, his woman is the best of white color. A person gets a woman’s happiness, anthem is perfect in knowledge, sexy with vehicles and addicted to other women. The factor of marriage is Venus. Under the principle, if the factor is under the planet factor, then the situation does not remain normal, so in the seventh sense Venus creates some irregularities in the married life. The marriage of such a person is often a topic of discussion.

Saturn makes me sad:–

शरीरदोषकरः कृशकलत्रः वेश्या संभोगवान् अति दुःखी।
Multiple sexy women in high-area at Kujyuteshna Chunwan (Bhrigu code)
Saturn’s residence in the seventh house can not be called auspicious or pleasant in any way. The body of the person is blamed due to Saturn in the seventh bhav. (The fault means the disease) His wife is Krish, the person is prostitute and sad. If Saturn is a high household or self-home, then the person consumes many women. If Saturn is with Mars, then the woman is very sexy, he is married to an older woman.

Rahu makes the fear of two marriages:–

प्रवासात् पीडनं चैवस्त्रीकष्टं पवनोत्थरुक्।
How many things are there in the week of Saptame. .-(Bhrigu Sutra)
The person who has Rahu’s seventh Bhagat in his birth, he has two marriages. The first woman dies, the second woman has gulm disease, disease etc. And the one who is angry, the one who is harming others, the one who is related to the adulterous woman is proud and dissatisfied.

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Ketu insults the person:–

द्दूने च केतौ सुखं नैव मानलाभो वतादिरोगः।
न मानं प्रभूणां कृपा विकृता च भयं वैरीवर्गात् भवेत् मानवानाम्। – (भाव कौतुहल)
If there is Ketu in the seventh house, then the person is insulted. Woman does not get happiness, women and son etc are suffering. Expense increases, the king’s grace, the fear of enemies and the water of fear remains. That jatak lays in adulterous women.

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