Illegal Affairs – Illicit Affairs with Married Person

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During my long Astro journey I have come across 11 female charts who are not yet married, only due to their love affairs with married guys.

The details of such cases is as under :

  1. Some not yet married due to their crazy love with wealthy married guys who exploit them and give false promises and dreams.
  2. Some are in a Live in relationship with married persons
  3. Some living as a secret second wife of a married man without legal marriage
  4. Some are still in love with married persons and waiting for divorce of their boyfriends.

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Something I found very common in all these 11 charts so we will discuss today to see what force creates mad love and dedication of their youth to the married man.

  1. 20.04.1987 Aquarius Lagna. In the love with much elder married man. Want to be loyal to him only and strong determination not to marry with anyone else. Refused 2 good candidates shown by parents.
  2. 20.04.1987 Taurus Lagna. In relationship with married boss and waiting for his divorce. Spoils her life in waiting.
  3. 14.02.1988 Taurus Lagna. In the madly love with a married old man. The man is supporting him financially and she want to be faithful to him only.
  4. 14.03.1989 Cancer Lagna. In the relationship with a much elder married man and now thinks to register Live in relationship.
  5. 28.02.1992 Sagittarius Lagna. In relationship with a married guy who is not happy with his first wife and thinking for divorce but wife is stubborn and not want to give divorce at all
  6. 15.01.1995. Libra Lagna. Very beautiful girl. In madly love with very old man. Rejecting all rich proposals coming for marriage.
  7. 20.021980. Leo Lagna. Not married yet. Lives alone as a secret second wife of a Guy with full dedication and waiting for the divorce of his boyfriend.

These are some latest examples.

The common thing in all 11 charts I have seen have Rahu either in Lagna or with Venus. In some few cases Rahu is with Jupiter. All have connection between Mars and Saturn. Moon is connected with Saturn either in main (D1) chart or in navamsha (D9) chart.

Let us understand this. Rahu has madness, keeps one in dreams and makes one crazy. When Rahu is in Lagna or with Venus in girl chart, it creates madly love from her side whatever the caste may be. Rahu never cares for what other think or say. They are mad in their love. And the important thing is sexual relations starts within few days after attraction.

One more thing in all 11 charts I have noticed that they all were impressed with the married person’s personality or wealth and fallen in love when they were between 18 to 22, the silly, innocent and ignorant age. This age is most vulnerable to wrong attractions some time.

When Saturn joins Moon either in main or navmasha chart the girl after first sex want to be loyal to the same guy and don’t want to betray the trust of the boyfriend and also some inner fear of blackmail occupies in the sub conscious mind. Boyfriends take advantage of such fear, feelings and loyality.

Saturn Transit 2020

Mars and Saturn when connected creates strong determination and stubbornness in the mind of the girl and they don’t listen to the advise of others.

Mixtures of such combinations creates such undesired secret love affairs and victim girls don’t want to open such relations publicly and remain unmarried.

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