India China war – Astrology Analysis 2020

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1st October 1949 is the birth date of present ‘Republic China’. The time at Beijing was 3 pm so Capricorn Lagna was rising at that time.

Republic China Birth Chart Analysis

Moon in the Lagna. Rahu in 3rd. Mars in 7th. Saturn in 8th. Sun Mercury and Ketu in 9th. Strong Venus in 10th creates Malavya yoga that gave too much wealth and luxury to the country . Strong Jupiter in 12th gave success in international exports business.

Now we will come to present scenario . China just completed Saturn Dasha on 17 October 2019. China enjoyed this Dasha for 19 years since Saturn is lord of Lagna and always happy in his favorable 8th house.

Saturn is the planet of production who aspects his exalted sign Libra in 10th house and also his best friend Venus . So Venus supported Saturn like anything and gave name fame luxuries and abundance to the country .

Mercury Mahadasha

But from 17 October 2019 Mercury took the charge of the next 17 years period.

Mercury is the lord of 6th and 9th house and very close to Ketu and Sun who is also lord of 8th house. Ketu, we know, is the planet of termination and stoppage of progress . So Mercury is carrying negative energy in his dasha.

Eclipse and Corona Virus

Mercury Dasha is most negative for China and Mercury as well as Ketu sub periods till March 2023 shows downfall of the country . (So one thing is clear that the present President Jin Ping will not continue in 2023 election.)

The most negative Sun eclipse was happened in the 12th house of the China birth chart and that too over natal Jupiter . This created Corona Virus.

No war between India and China

Now at present we see the notorious activities of China at the Ladakh boarder and some people fear the war between India and China but to my view I don’t see real war at all between this 2 country .

And if this war is declared then be rest assured that this time China will be defeated. Though war chances are very rare .

But I smell some internal problems in the China looking to the chart. Rebellion from the people can not be ruled out. People of China may rebel or protest against Govt.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

China – No more superpower

Economical situation will be worst in this Mercury Mercury Dasha in 3 years and this will be the main reason of rebellion .

The time of China is worsening from 15 July 2020 and we will see the negative effects of this dasha between 20 July to 20 September 2020.

In short golden days of China are over with the end of Saturn Dasha and Corona Virus has shaken off this country in the start of Mercury dasha by killing lakhs of people . This dasha will push the country back in coming years.

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