Infertility and In vitro fertilization (IVF) understanding through Astrology

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Every female has the earnest desire to get motherhood or have a child in her laps after marriage. Every couple wants to enjoy 1 or 2 years without a child but after 2 years, parents are worried and they desire pregnancy. When 3 years passes without pregnancy then female herself is more worried about conception. Here starts medical check up and all treatments.

If scorpio or 8th house is afflicted with the malefic planets like Mars, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu then sperm count is low and motility is also weak in the male sperm report. If scorpio or 8th house is afflicted in the female chart then there is a problem with fallopian tubes or follicles problems in the ovaries. Remember only one malefic planet will not harm much but two malefics do affect. Ketu plays major role.

After some treatment if there is no result then Doctor advises for IVF or IN VITRO FERTILISATION.

What is IVF and how it is done ?

Let us understand first. Before IVF procedure the uterus is checked through Microscope to check the condition of ovaries and growth of follicles. Also the inside wall of the uterus. If follicles are not developed then hormones injection is given. If everything is ok then eggs are taken from follicles through catheter. The eggs and few drops of sperm are processed in a glass tube called Vitro. This is a micro process and done in special laboratory at a very low temperature. Numerology 5 – The secret of 5, 14, 23

After few days when embryo is ready it is planted in the Uterus again. Thats it.

The whole procedure is very costly. It costs 1 lac to 2 lac. If the fertilisation is not done in Vitro and fails then this huge money will be wasted and again new IVF date will be given by Doctors.

Here comes the Astrology. Every female has certain fertile days in a month. Now we have to take the help of astrological science and choose the most fertile day. For this we have to refer the rules and watch the transit of Moon. We will decide this from the female chart. Choosing Auspicious Time in Daily Panchangam

Note the Nakshatra of Lagna. Note the 7th, 14th and 21st Nakshatra also from this. So total 4 Nakshatras we have noted in the Lagna group.

Note the Nakshatra of Moon. Note the 14th Nakshatra from this Moon Nakshatra also. So total 2 Nakshatra in Moon group.

Now note the Nakshatra of Sun as per Sun’s degree. Note the 14th Nakshatra from this. Total 2 Nakshatra in Sun group.

Total 8 Nakshatras are capable to create pregnancy. Sometime what happens that Some Nakshatras are common in all these 3 group so in that case there can be only 6 or 7 Nakshatras. Also remember that Common Nakshatra if any in the 2 or 3 group then that Nakshatra is most fertile for that lady.

Now as per menstruation cycle we have to note the date of MC. Leave 6 days after MC date. From 7th day to 23rd day we have to search the Nakshatra from the above list. The day on which one of the above listed Nakshatras is found we have to select that date for IVF. Second Marriage | 2nd Marriage in vedic astrology

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Important point to choose the Nakshatra

But some important points we have to remember while choosing the Nakshatra.

Ketu should not be in that Nakshatra at the time of IVF. It may create miscarriage sometime.

If Rahu is in that Nakshatra at the time of IVF, then chances are there, that a soul of ex family member may enter the embryo later when foetus stage is developed. Rahu opens the door for the souls who are willing to enter the foetus due to their strong desire to take birth in the same family.

Saturn on that Nakshatra should also be avoided. Because when Moon touches that Nakshatra, Vish Yoga or Punarphoo dosha will be there so development of Embryos will be slow and child will be weak.

If Jupiter is aspecting Moon that day then be rest assured that IVF will be successful and healthy child will be born. Mahadasha and Past Karmas

So this way we have to consider so many things to decide the date of natural conception and also IVF.

Vedic Yogas

Also before deciding the IVF month we have to check the position of the planets after 9 months in the chart of husband and wife and confirm whether hereditary planets are repeated in the child or not. Because a child is born with the support of parents chart so certain combinations will be common in the child. How to choose auspicious Date and Time for medicine

I have guided so many couples in past who had no child even after 6 7 years marriage and got result through natural conception and also through IVF by just following perfect time schedule as per both charts and applying above rules. ( But before doing all the calculations I always check KP horary that whether child birth is confirmed or not especially in much delayed cases. )

Astrology is a great science like medical science but no research work is done on progeny matters.

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