Inter religion Inter-caste marriage in Astrology

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Today I will show an interesting role of Rahu and Ketu for inter religion relations.

Inter Religion Marriage and Rahu Ketu

First of all I will give you some examples

  1. Shri Raj kapur was in madly love with Nargis ji. Raj kapur has Cancer lagna with Moon and Rahu in it. Ketu is in 7th house. (Moon with Rahu and Ketu in 7th created madly love with Muslim co-star.)
  2. Sharmila Tagore married to famous cricketer Mansur ali khan Pataudi. Sharmila ji is Leo lagna and lord of 7th house Saturn is with close Ketu. (Strong connection of Ketu with 7th lord created this inter religion marriage )
  3. Amrita singh married to Saif ali khan. She has Moon Rahu close connection.
  4. Film artist Sanjay dutt got 2nd marriage with Muslim girl. Rahu in 11th house aspecting 7th house. ( 11th house Rahu or Ketu creates long term relation with Muslim girl or boy )
  5. Film producer Mahesh Bhatt married 2 time. Both time Muslim wives. Ketu in 11th aspecting 7th house too ( Ketu in 11th creates long term relation with Muslim boy or girl.)
  6. Famous TV artist Ratna Pathak married to Nasiruddin Shah. She has Saturn Venus Ketu in 7th house
  7. Film artist Hritik Roshan married to the daughter of Sanjay khan. His 7th lord Mercury is in close conjuction of Rahu ( muslim connection )
  8. Film artist Aditya pancholi married to zarina wahab. Rahu in his 7th house ! Muslim connection.
  9. Film artist Ayesha Takia married with a Muslim guy. Moon Rahu close so Muslim connection.
  10. Congress MP Manoj Tiwari married with Muslim girl. Moon with Rahu and 7th lord with Ketu !
  11. Famous old Musician Anil Biswas had a Muslim wife. His 7th lord Mars in close conjunction with Ketu !

Inter Relation Marriage Celebrity Examples

These are some famous celebrity examples. Now I will show you some personal experience of my practice.

In past I was used to visit Surat for consultation. Once a 30 year old girl came to me to show her chart. She was married. Her lagna was 7 degree Libra with close Rahu at 8 degree and Ketu in 7th. I just asked her whether any Muslim bf in your life today or in past ? She was shocked. She accepted that she had a Muslim bf and that bf was the real father of her present child. But nobody knows this secret.

My one friend has Virgo lagna 21 degree with Ketu at 22 degree and Rahu in 7th. He was in love with a Muslim girl for 4 years but could not marry due to parents objection.

One day one client had come to show the chart of his daughter. He was worried for her. The girl had Moon Ketu in 7th house in close conjunction. I just asked whether anybody in her life who is not Hindu ? He surprisingly answered that she was in love with her office colleague who was christian. Though he is a gentleman but we cant accept this marriage. I told that this is her destiny or past life connection. I dont think she will obey your advice. She is in madly love…. And after 2 month I heard that she married to that guy !!

I have more than 20 such practical examples where Rahu Ketu has played a big role to bring a Muslim or christian in contact, may be as Boy friend, Girl Friend wife or husband through 7th house, 11th house or Moon connection. (11th house is for long term relationship and Live In relation.)

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I never claim that Rahu Ketu are playing this role in all charts or always create Muslim connection ! If not Muslim then there remains some controversy in the marriage. Sometime parents don’t accept the Boy or Girl due to Intercaste and couple in love have no option except court marriage or to escape from the home and marry.

What i have written here is my observation. Ratio of such incidents may be at very low percentage in society, but wherever such different religion love connections are developed Rahu or Ketu is always present !!

One thing is sure that Rahu Ketu in 7th house close to the cusp degree always creates Inter-caste marriage if not Inter religion !!!

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