Journey and Evolution of Soul

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Do you know ? Your Sun shows the evolution of your soul and thereby Will power , Fearlessness and Spiritual growth in this birth.

The more Sun is strong, the more your soul is developed and has traveled beyond 3 realms or Lokas in the astral world before birth.

Soul and Sun Position

But how to know ? Position of your Sun throws some light on this. Evolution of Sun means Sun at 0° or 29° in any house. But better in 1st, 9th or 10th house . If not 0 or 29 degrees then Sun must be in exalted position or vargottami. This type of Sun shows special purpose of one’s birth as per his past desires.

Saturn and Past Births

To know the real evolution or progress of soul in past births, we must know the position of Saturn also , since Saturn is the controller of all the 7 realms or Lokas.

To be very true, Saturn is the representative of Chitragupta. Saturn and Ketu dwells in Sahasrar Chakra which is at vertex in Head.

These both planets are the planets of punishment so give pain and suffering and thereby we pay off our past sins and bad karmas.

Jupiter and Spiritual Journey

But to know the real spiritual journey we should think for the Jupiter, the planet of Godly grace and directly connected with Divine Consciousness, the ‘Divya Chetana’.

To avail the best benefits from Saturn, Saturn must be in Lagna, Kendra or Trikona and aspected by Jupiter . Strong Saturn means Saturn in Libra Capricorn Aquarius or vargottami . Libra Saturn gives too much maturity and planning.

I would also like to write here that every soul in Astral world is free to decide his or her next birth as per his/her karmas . He has to pay his karmas in this world only so the soul accepts punishment and makes a blue print of his next birth. He also decides the good and bad events in his next birth and waits for the proper time to take birth. This may take so many years sometime. When planetary position matches with his karmas he selects his mother and enters the womb .

Ashwin Rawal Articles

To pay off maximum karmas in the next birth he selects the birth time when Saturn is connected with Sun or Moon and accordingly he enters selected mother’s womb before 9 months.

Sun or Moon if joined with Saturn or in opposition with Saturn shows that the soul has selected this birth as per his own strong wish and faces challenges in this life.

Moon is mind and also our Astral body. To have a spiritual inclination, Moon must be connected with Saturn or Jupiter. This connection creates strong faith and trust in God or ‘Guru’. Moon when joins Ketu also creates detachment.

Remember , Saturn must not be joined with Mars or Rahu otherwise you can not progress much in this birth. Mars and Rahu both are the planets of basic Mooladhar chakra so creating strong desires and attachments and stops the progress of the soul.

Bhagvan Shri Ram

Sun exalted in 10th in opposition with exalted Saturn. Exalted Jupiter in Lagna with strong Moon. Both are in the aspect of strong Saturn.

Ramkrishna Paramhansa

Sun at 0° Aquarius in Lagna. Saturn exalted in 9th house aspected by Jupiter from 5th. Sun Moon in Lagna also aspected by Jupiter. Great soul.

Swami Vivekananda

Sagittarius Lagna with Sun in Lagna 29 degree vargottami . Saturn Moon in 10th aspected by Pisces Jupiter from 4th. Swami Vivekananda.

Raman Maharshi

Sun in Leo Navamsha . Strong Saturn in exchange with Jupiter . Moon with Ketu, the planet of detachment.

Maharshi Aurobindo

Sun 0° Leo. Exalted Jupiter in Lagna exchanging sign with Moon who is also with Saturn. So Moon Saturn transferring energy in Lagna. Great soul.

Swami Ramtirth

Strong Saturn aspecting Sun and Moon. Sun and Moon also with Ketu, the planet of detachment . Jupiter very strong.

Osho Rajanish

Moon Saturn and Lagna lord all in 8th house and 8th house lord Jupiter exalted and in exchange with Moon. Really great soul.

J. Krishnamurthy

Sun 29° Saturn exalted in 10th. Sun Saturn opposition . Moon Jupiter opposition.

We could see in all above charts that Saturn is either connected with strong Sun or Moon and Jupiter also connected with Saturn.

All such pious souls are waiting for the right planetary pattern and also right mother to take birth. Thats why Sant Tulsidas ji wrote in Shri Ram Charit Manas when Bhagvan shri Ramchandra ji was born…

योग लगन ग्रह वार तिथि, सकल भये अनुकूल

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