Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Aries sign in month wise

Complete monthly wise report of Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 for Aries Sign (Mesha Rasi)

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Jupiter’s Transit on Scorpio sign

The most auspicious planet in Astrology, Jupiter will enter in Scorpio on 11th October 2018 and stays in this watery sign until November 9th, 2019. We will see how its transit will affect different signs of the zodiac.

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Effects of Jupiter Transit 2018 on Scorpio sign

Jupiter’s transit effect on Aries sign in month wise:

Jupiter will give good results for Aries sign natives in month of October’18. You will spend some romantic and memorable moments with your spouse. It’s quite possible your wives give them gift of a baby, so you will feel very happy and be proud on her. Some auspicious ceremonies will also be organised at your home. You may also get some good news from your workplace. From health front some worries are there, your lion pain may create trouble for them. You may have some discomfort from siblings.

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in November 2018

In the month of November 2018 Arieseans will see some quick changes in career; you will not be able to take proper decisions.  You will have to worry towards your parents’ health. There are highly chances to get any injury in body especially in head, so take care of you. You may face tough situation with your spouse try not to make her anger.  Some gains which you were supposed to get this month will be postponed for further months. You should take blessings of Devi Maa and respect females. Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in December 2018

Good time for family harmony for Arieseans on the month of December’18. This month will be wetness of your growth in your professional life. You will also be happy with your spouse you both may be spending some precious time with her or him. This is the right time to be more intimate with her or him and short out previous differences. Your parents will feel much more improvements in their health. You may become father of cute boy.

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in January 2019

Aries sign will have concern about her parent’s health during January’19. Your parent’s may be face sudden problems. You may found yourself trapped in office politics. This month few sudden positive events will also occur. Your marital relationship will be quite good and your spouse will be lucky for you. You will get some monetary gain this month.

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in February 2019

Arieseans will have very different experience during the month of February 2019. First half of the month won’t be good for loving couples. Some sudden expenses of money will arise. You will must have to beat others competition to be twinkle in your professional life. Businessmen will also face hurdles and get frustrated. Some unexpected and unfavourable events may happen in your business. You should have control on your tongue. You should try not to hurt anyone. You may take some wrong decisions which will harm you latter on. Your parents will suffer from ill health. Significance of Planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in March 2019

You may see some tough time during Mach 2019. If you are employed in any company you must feel huge pressure in your office and if you are self employed your will see noncooperation from your employees, they won’t will be unable to fulfill their commitments. You may visit hospital this month. You may face some hurdles in your future planning as they won’t be executing as per your expectations. If you are thinking to purchase a new house, this is best time to get it. Career wise time is a little bit hard. You must have to maintain balance everywhere. You will have good understanding with your wife this month and spend memorable time with her. Your parents’ health will be good.

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in April 2019

April 2019 is going to be just so and so for you. Rahu shifted to Gemini in last week of previous month, it will accelerate your efforts. You may travel short distance this month. These journeys would give you boost. You will have some conflicts in thoughts with your spouse. Last week of this month would be very crucial for both of you. If you are student you may go for away city for education. You will hear good news this month regarding to your son. Your parents will enjoy good health. Career wise time is very favourable for you. You will get appreciation and recognition in your office this month. If you are a self employee if you will see tremendous growth in revenue. Jupiter Transit 2017 to 2018 on Libra

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in May 2019

You will remain more attached to your spouse during May’19. You will take care of her very small needs, she will also be very much passionate for you. Your parent’s health will create problems; you should have to do extra care of them. You may become short tempered this month and it may harm you. You will not remain dedicated toward your work and will feel detached. Your siblings will not be loyal towards you. They won’t give you support. Your professional life will not be as sweet as last month. Employees may be victim of office politics and self employed may see down fall in sales and revenue. Their future plans will also not be executed as per expectations. Importance of Planets in Astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in June 2019

You will have paid up your karmic debts during Month of June’19. Retro Saturn will take you in flash back. Your father may have faced some chronic and acute pains or disease related to blood. Your luck will favour you after taking so many tests. You will learn new lessons and become mature in real sense. Because of all these circumstances you won’t be able to fulfill your responsibilities towards your spouse so she or he will unhappy and feel lonely. You may also struggle emotionally especially second half of this month. Your mother will also have some health issues. Career wise time will not be very good. You should learn from your past mistakes. 2018 Yearly Horoscope Aries Sign

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in July 2019

July’19 will be a little bit good for you in term of health and relationships. Your parent’s health will be fine, they will enjoy good health. You may get some bad news from your children. You will be lucky for your spouse, but she or he may have some affection towards someone else. You would have to tack care of it. This may harm your marital harmony. Retro Jupiter in 8th house won’t give good result. Your knowledge will harm you as you will be overconfident. In term of career this month will also not very fruitful. Some delays are expected, it may wash out your hopes. Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 to 2019

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in August 2019

In August’19, God may bless u with a male child. Jupiter will become direct in the first week of this month. Now it will turn a little bit favourable for you. You may for pilgrimage with your family and be spiritual. Your marital life will not be very good during this month. Your spouse will not treat you as per your expectations. You both should be flexible and shouldn’t have unrealistic expectations with each others.  Your parents will enjoy fabulous health they will feel themselves lake 25 years old full of energy and enthusiasm. You may meet some new peoples. You may create some close relations with someone. Professionally this month is normal. Siblings will see towards you with hope for your support. You should help them out.

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Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in September 2019

September’19 will bring some positive changes in your life. Besides of being spiritual and detached you will be humble and polite. You will feel some anxiety as you are missing some important thing of your life, that important thing is “peace”. During some previous months you have totally lost your peace of mind. You should do yoga and meditation and read motivating literature’s to get it back. Parent’s health will be good. Your professional life will also better than previous months. Your family issues may open out this month, you should try to cover it. Marital harmony will be at bottom level. Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Aries sign in October 2019

You will fell ill during October 2019 because of acute pain in your stomach and you may also hospitalize. You should avoid outside food and try to have homemade simple one without much more spicy ingredients. Your confidence level will remain at lower side. Parent’s health will be fine. Marital harmony will be line previous month. You should take some steps to elevate harmony between both of you. You will see a little improvement in your Professional life.


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