Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Capricorn sign in month wise

Complete monthly wise report of Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 for Capricorn Sign (Makara Rasi)

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Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 effect on Capricorn sign

The month of Ocotber’18 is going to be much better for Capricorn sign then some earlier ones. You will have good relationship with your parents. You may get good news from profession front and can expect gains. Salaried person may get promotion and some new responsibilities. Marital happiness will increase day by day. Both of you will spend some good time with each other and have fun. Your spouse will take care all of need and your understandings will improve. Health issues will be shorted out if you are facing from earlier few months. You shouldn’t forget to take blessings for Gurus. You will overcome from unknown fear and anxiety during second half of the month. You should pray Devi Maa and take her blessings to live life happily.

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in November 2018

In Novermber’18 you will feel some low during this month. You should avoid having junk foods and trying to eat homemade healthy food. Obesity and tooth problems may create pain for you. You shouldn’t breach traffic rules and drive vehicle slow and carefully. Siblings will favour and give you unconditional support. Health of your father may create problem for you. You may listen good news from your friends.  Differences of opinion with your spouse may arise and this may create big problem for your relationships. Both of you should take few steps to short out differences between you. Try to please your parents and take their blessings. Jupiter Transit 2017 to 2018 on Libra

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in December 2018

In the month of December’18 you will see positive changes in your workplace and get recognition and appreciation. There are very high chances to for you to get promotions new responsibilities in your organization which will increase your value and make strengthen you financially. If you are a business man you may collaborate with foreign entity. You will face some issues with your spouse because of your short tempered nature. You guys also have ego problem.          Your siblings will give you support. I would like to suggest both of you not to lose your patience and keep yourself calm. Parents will enjoy good health and spend good time with family. Auspicious Hindu Marriage dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in January 2019

The month of January’19 will be very cheerful for you in term of professional life; you may get promotion and recognitions which will enhance your confidence and personality. In the second half of this month you may feel some deep anxiety and sadness. Your relations with spouse will not remain fruitful this month; they may touch all time low. You will have to do lots of work to improve your relations with her or him. Litigation may also be occurring. Both of you should go for counselling to save harmony between you. Your father will remain unhealthy. Siblings will be rolling stones they will always see their profit. Businessman will taste some sweets of success tin their profession. Significance of Planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in February 2019

During the month of February’19 you will see some improvements in relationships with your spouse; it is results of your efforts which you did in previous months.  But you shouldn’t stop here and will have to put on your efforts towards improving them. Your siblings will favour you in all your matters and give you unconditional support. Your parent’s health will very good and they will feel themselves fit and fine. Professional life will be good; you may travel abroad for professional reason and this travel would be fruitful. Salaried person will promotion and relocation. Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in March 2019

Your health may be a little bit down during the month of March’19. You should visit to doctor and take proper treatment of the disease. In second half of the month your health will improve. Siblings will give you full favour and support. Parent’s health will good at best level. But your mom may suffer from cold and cough. Marital happiness will keep improving this month also because of your previous efforts. From the career prospects this month will be good and you will enjoy very healthy and prosperous atmosphere at work place. Salaried person will get transferred while businessmen get some new assignments. Auspicious House Warming Muhurat Dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in April 2019

In April’19 Jupiter will transit in Sagittarius for few weeks to meet its Mool Trikon sign after enjoying couple of weeks it will return week to its transit house Scorpio being retrograde. You will feel some changes inside you. Your expenses will be at high and siblings will ask you for some monetary help from you and you should help them. Your parent’s will enjoy very good health and will be happy with family. Your marital life will completely come on the track and run smoothly. You both will spend memorable time with each other and will have fun. You may have a new home during this month. Professionally time will favour you; this month there may be some memorable in your professional life. All these things will happen because of your hard work and dedication towards your work. Effect of Debilitated Jupiter for Various Ascendent Lagna

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in May 2019

During the month of May’19 you may feel a little bit detached from this mortal world. This is perfect time to re-energize yourself. You should do some pilgrimage or any such place where you find peace and full of energy. Family wise this time it not bad your family members will with you in all decisions. They respect you are connected with you very strongly. You should have concern towards your children; they may have some injure or may fell ill. Your spouse will spend fantastic time with you and both of both of you have very strong connection. You should take her or him for long drive and live some time only for your spouse. Employed person will find very supportive and healthy atmosphere in work place. Businessmen will also see good time in their business.  Birth Story of Rahu & Ketu

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in June 2019

You should avoid to borrowing money during the month of June’19. If you borrow money beyond your limit you may have problem to repay it and which will create problems in future. You will prone of high blood pressure problem in stomach during this month. God may bless you this month with a cute baby. Your siblings will support you in all manners. Your mom will enjoy good health while father may suffer from some health problems. Spouse will give you happiness and pleasure; which was needed very much by you. Both of yours bonding will enhance day by day. You may get transferred in undesired location and you will not be happy with your transfer; but take it easy. Things don’t happen according to us every time. We should try to adopt things according to situations. Businessman will also see some unfavourable things happening in the business.SATURN TRANSIT 2017 ON EACH NAKSHATRAS

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in July 2019

In the month of July’19 you may unable to take proper sleep and suffer from toothache. Your children may indulge with wrong friends during this month; so you should do random examination about your child in the school and from his friends. Siblings will be good and health of your parents will also be very good. They will have good time with family. You may have huge interference of your in laws in your family matters; your spouse gets influenced by them. It will not be good for your marital harmony. So you should keep all these stupid things away from your life. Profession wise this month is going to be very good. You will get name, fame and wealth in your work place. Cancellation of Manglik or Kuja Dosha and Pariharas or Remedies

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in August 2019

You may suffer urinal problem during the month of August’19. You should not get hyper. This month will witness some unexpected events happening surrounding you. This indicates to get ready for unusual time which may distract you. You may get profit by shares and lottery. Siblings will support you but parents may suffer from health problem. You should take care of them. Relationship with spouse will be at rise and both of you will have some good time. You will face some ups and down in your professional life. You may have to face very tough competition in the market. Planetary combinations for becoming a doctor

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in September 2019

September’19 will bring some interested surprises for you. You should try to be calm and take decisions after thinking very well. Your expenses will be at very high level during this month. Your siblings may go for pilgrimage. Health of your parent’s will be a little bit down; they may feel anxiety and low blood pressure problem. Your spouse will be lucky for you. She will be lucky charm for you during this month. Your some stagnant assignments will start running by her or his luck. Both of you will enjoy fantastic time with your spouse. This month you will get handsome profit in your business and if you are a employed your should concentrate on you performance because ultimately performance speaks. You may distract from your aim due to some unforeseen reasons. You should try not to get distracted. Yogas leading to Asceticism

Jupiter Transit effect on Capricorn sign in October 2019

October’19 career wise this month is going to be very good for you will get appreciation and recognition in your work place as well as wealth. If you are a businessman your projects will run smoothly. Your prestige will increase in the market. You will be active very much in this month. You will get full support of your siblings and parents will enjoy good time with family. Marital happiness will be at top level. You are two body one soul; both of you can understand body language of each other. Expenses will be at all time high. You may visit hospital several times during this month.

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