Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Scorpio sign in month wise

Complete monthly wise report of Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 for Scorpio Sign (Vrishchik Rasi)

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Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 effect on Scorpio sign

Jupiter’s transit for Scorpions will not very favourable in the month of October’18 you should control your tongue and try not to humiliate others. You may feel depression and anxiety. You may suffer from problems of teeth and eyes. You will have to take responsibilities of your siblings. Health of your parents may also create problems for you. Relationship with your spouse will not be very good due to your fluctuated mind and behaviour. Your expenditures will be higher than your income, so try to control your expenses otherwise you may be entangled in debt trap.

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in November 2018

You will suffer from teeth and obesity problem during the month of November’18, be careful if you are also suffering from diabetes. Your fate will help you to determine your path which will help you to achieve your aims. Take blessings of your mother and respect females. You should avoid fast foods to be healthy. You may get some good news related to your children. Your mom’s health may be main concern for you. In career prospect this month is average. You may visit faraway places and foreign countries for your business.  Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in December 2018

In the month of December’18 you will have to fulfill responsibilities towards your siblings. Your parents may face some health issues. You should avoid fast food and have healthy homemade food. Health problem will give you pain so don’t ignore that. Your relationship with your spouse will be stressful and you should handle your house matters carefully otherwise you will lose your marital harmony. Career wise this month is average and you will have to maximum efforts in your professional life. You may get support and favour of your superiors. This month will be good for your children. This is best time to purchase new house of land.  Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in January 2019

Scorpions Will act wisely during the month of Janunary’19 and will take important decisions carefully which will give you benefit in coming months. You will enjoy fabulous time with your spouse, she will support you in every manners. You should take the blessings of your pitris (ancesters) this month, and offer food to a satwik Brahmin on Amavsya. This month will be good for your children; they will make you feel proud. You will spend good time with your family. You should not be a liar; it will dent in your personality. You will fulfil all your responsibilities towards your siblings. This month will not be good for your parents in term of health. In fact you may also suffer sudden and acute pain in your chest. Career wise time is good. Employed and businessman both will enjoy their time in work place.   Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Scorpio

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in February 2019

In the month of February’19 you may get injure and acute and sudden pain. Your mind will be full of wisdom and good thoughts. Your mom may face some health problems while father will be detached from this mortal world he will like to be alone during this month. They should do yoga and meditation to discover his inner peace. You will give all pleasure and happiness to your family members. Relationship with your spouse will not be harmonious this month; your spouse may feel some anxiety and suffocation. You should take him out so that she can feel fresh and energized himself. From career point of view this month would be a little bit stressful; your efforts won’t give you results. You may have to postpone your business plans for next month.  Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 to 2019

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in March 2019

You will get good amount of money during the month of March’19 by business or professional work. You will get support of your father, government and higher authority. You will get maximum results of minimum efforts. Employed person may get appreciation and signal of promotion and may relocate. Your parents will enjoy very good health and life happy. You may be forged by someone so take care and don’t believe easily on anyone.  You will spend memorable and pleasant time with your spouse. She will be lucky charm for you. Your parents will enjoy good health this month. Your professional life will be good you will earn good profit by business and if you are employed you will entitled for handsome amount of incentive. You should take blessings of Lord Ganesh and chant Ganesh Atharva Shirsham.  Jupiter will reach in Sagittarius after crossing Scorpio on 29th March’19. Native will see it’s result on next month. I will tell you it’s impact on Sagittarius in April’s prediction.  2018 Yearly Horoscope Scorpio Sign

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in April 2019

Jupiter will traverse in Sagittarius sign during April’19. It would be retrograde on 9th April and enter again in Scorpio on 23rd April. So during 14 days retrogression period in this sign it will give result of Sagitarius. You may feel a little bit confused yourself during the month of April’19 because of so many choices. Students will beat competitions and professionals’ will crack multiple interviews. You will be able to earn and save good amount of wealth through your business; it will help you for your future planning to for expansion. You may expand your business in new sectors and if you are employed you may change your existing company. Your spouse will be more demanding this month you will have to spend plenty of money on him. She will enjoy your company and both of you will spend memorable time. Parents health won’t be very much concern for you, they will be fit and fine. Importance of Planets in Astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in May 2019

Retrograde Jupiter will give mixed effects to native during the month of May’19.  You will be hyper entire month and may be create problems for yourself. It is good time to start a new venture in partnership. You should take care of your younger sister. Your parent’s health will a little bit down, but not to worry they will get well from second half of the month. Your tuning with spouse will be very good, both of you will understand each other’s feeling. Both of you will remain connected by heart.  Jupiter Transit 2017 to 2018 on Libra

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in June 2019

June’19 won’t going to be very good month for you. You may feel depress and be short tempered this month. You should drink good amount of water. Your siblings will also create problems for you. You may also spend unnecessary money and result less travel. Your father’s health may create problem for him and family. You will spend good time with your parents and your spouse will give you full moral support. You will spend good time with her.  Auspicious Hindu Marriage dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in July 2019

Your efforts will give you no results in July’19 as your efforts will not fructify you may get frustrated. Some unexpected sudden events may happen this month. During second half of the month some monetary gains are expected. You may get some proposals from foreign land. You will have to keep your eyes open in your work place in fact you must have four eyes in rear and front.  Your parents will face some health issues this month so you will have to take care of them. Your spouse will also not be very happy with you but in last week of this month situations will improve. Meanwhile you should give her some pleasure and try to make her happy. Significance of Planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in August 2019

August’19 will be witness some sweet and happy events in your life. You will get new avenues in your career and business. Your business will increase exponentially. Employed person will get promotions and appreciation. You will earn handsome amount of wealth and increase your financial strength. Your siblings will support you in all manners.  Your spouse will spend very good time with you and you will also take care of her. Your parents will enjoy very good health and spend good time with family. Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in September 2019

September’19 will be as usual month for you. You will miss some professional opportunity this month. You may face delay in execution of plan which may frustrate you. Employed people will also feel uncomfortable in office. Your relationship with spouse won’t be very good this month. You may visit faraway or foreign place. You must take care of your health there are very much chances that you may get injure or cut on your head. Auspicious House Warming Muhurat Dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Scorpio sign in October 2019

You will have much more travel during October’19. You should avoid borrowing money as it may entangle you in debt trap. You may face depression like situations this month. Your siblings and spouse won’t understand your situations they will remain demanding entire month.  You should try to please Lord Shiva to get the rid of all these problems. Career wise this month is just so so. You will have to put maximum efforts to materialize things in your favour. Your mom will enjoy good health while father will suffer a little bit.

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