Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Taurus sign in month wise

Complete monthly wise report of Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 for Taurus Sign (Rishaba rasi)

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Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 effect on Taurus sign:

You may feel some anxiety and discomfort during the month of October’18. Some clashes with spouse and differences in thoughts may create problems in your relationships. Love birds will also not feel good during this month. Some pilgrimage may happen. You will not get support from siblings. If you have retrograde Jupiter in your chart you may get some relief in litigation matters. You may get promotion, transfer in your job or get new job if you are unemployed. Second half of the month will be much better.

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in November 2018

You will enjoy your personal life with someone very close to them during November 2018. You should need to analyse your previous Karmas and try to get the rid of them. You should help students in their study by financially or physically (by Vidya daan). If you are unmarried there are highly chances to meet someone but it will not remain for long time. Marital life will be good. Parent’s health will not be good. Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in December 2018

In the month of December’18, you may have your own house. You will get back unexpected money which you lend earlier and forget. Your parents will enjoy very good health. You should take extra precautions if you have diabetes and may be suffer from knees pain. Try to please elders’ especially old men and give them respect. Any auspicious ceremony may or organized in your family. Your relationship with spouse will be good. Don’t be prejudice towards others. Your friends will help you in your growth.

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in January 2018

First month of year 2019 will teach you new lesions and make you ready to face tough time; you should be ready to face tough competition this month. Early days in this month will be hectic for you. You may feel anxiety and fear; you should try to please lord Shiva. Later on it will be alright. Your parents will enjoy good health. You may have some tension with your siblings. You will face some problems on your work place, some unexpected events will we happen during this month. Relationship with spouse will be mixed; mood of your spouse will change frequently. Significance of Planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in February 2019 

You will discover peace and happiness during entire month of February’19 and you will be successful somehow to find it. You will spend good time with your spouse but you should also have faith on him, others may get benefit of your soft heart and may try to spoil your relationship. You may indulge in a new partnership and will get benefited by it. New guest may come in your house. Professional life will be fine; you should try to expand your wings. Your parents will enjoy good health and give you some happy moments. Auspicious Hindu Marriage dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in March 2019

In the Month of March’19 your marital life will have less joy and happiness then previous month. You will see some improvements in your marital harmony in last week of this month.  Your spouse may feel himself lazy. You should avoid borrowing money otherwise you may face problem to return it back. Acute knee pain will create problem for you. You should have control on yourself and not to be short tempered. Parents’ will have some health problem during mid of the month. Career wise this month is good, you will shine in your workplace and self employed native will see good time in term of sales and revenue generation. You may get some unexpected gains. Jupiter Transit 2017 to 2018 on Libra

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in April 2019

During the month of April’19 you will be able to earn handsome amount of money, which will strengthen you financial position. You may have successful unplanned journey of foreign land. You may also indulge speculation like activity during this month. You will spend good time with family and enjoy some memorable time. Parents will enjoy good health. Your spouse will enjoy your company and you will gain her faith and support. Your professional life will be fantastic. You may start new venture with someone’s partnership which will earn huge amount of money for you. Salaried people will get appreciations and promotion. This will enhance their power and responsibilities. Importance of Planets in Astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in May 2019

May’19 will also remain good for Taurus born natives. You will continue your previous month’s journey in the chariot of success. Your future planning’s will get new wings and you will achieve new avenues of success. Your parent’s health would be fine. Siblings will also have good feelings towards you. You spouse’s desires and demands will remain very high from you and will be able to fulfil them. You should avoid giving quick and sharp reactions. This month you may become short tempered which may bring a little bit bitterness i your family.  2018 Yearly Horoscope Taurus Sign

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in June 2019

You will feel comfortable during month of June’19. Your relationships with your spouse will start going downward misunderstandings and ego, both of you should avoid clashing your ego and give importance each other’s opinion. Siblings will have good faith on you. Parents will have a little bit issues with health but don’t worry it will remain under control. You may also feel some stomach related problems. Career wise this month will be good. After a little bit hurdles your all plans will execute properly.  Rahu Ketu Transit 2017 to 2019

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in July 2019

You may believe in show off during the month of July’19 because of materialistic feelings and your tilt towards money and beauty. Marital life will improve than previous month. Both of you will spend some memorable time and strengthen your mutual understandings and bonding. You may have to face sudden and acute pain in the chest, take care of your blood pressure if it goes high level then may be critical for you. Cardiac arrest possibilities are much during this month. You should visit to routine check up to your doctor. Professional life will be good as previous month. Your health issues will be main concern this month. You shouldn’t take it lightly. Saturn Transit 2017 – 2020 for Taurus

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in August 2019

Your health issues will remain in critical in the month of August’19. It’s my highly recommendation not to be care less about your health. Marital harmony will be good and touch new dimensions. Both of you will feel like you have made for each others. Both of you have good understandings and will take care of each others. Career wise this month is good. Everything will happen as per your expectations. You siblings will favour you and give you their support in every manner. Auspicious Vehicle Purchase Dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in September 2019

If you are a student, September’19 will be very good, you may listen good news related to your study. Your previous work will give you sweet results. This month will be good for your children. They may give good performance in their study. Health problems which were main concern for you will start reducing from this month, by the end of this month you will be in much better condition. Parents’ health will be good and your siblings will give unconditional support. Your family life will remain good. Professional life will also remain satisfactory this month.  Remedies in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Taurus sign in October 2019

During the month of October’19 your confidence level remain high. Marital harmony will be good, both of you will enjoy good time. This month is very crucial for your father while mother’s health will be fine. Siblings will be in your favour. Some turbulence is expected in your professional life. Salaried native will see very good time and self employee will get some new proposal to expand their business.

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