Jupiter transit 2018 effect on Aquarius sign in month wise

Complete monthly wise report of Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 for Aquarius Sign (Kumbha Rasi)

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Jupiter transit 2018 to 2019 effect on Aquarius sign

During October’18 Aquarians are going see some unexpected gains and health issues also; your luck will help a lot. Savings will be good. You will enjoy good health this month. Your siblings will have a little bit issues with you. They may go to abroad or faraway city for livelihood. Your children will make you proud by their hard work and achievements; but you should have proper surveillance on them. Parent’s health may put a little bit burdens on your shoulders, but they will recover soon. Tensions with spouse may increase but don’t worry everything will be alright. You need to just only show your concerns towards her or him. Both o you will short out your problems very soon. Career wise time is good; you will earn good reputation in your work place and will prove yourself a loyal and valuable employee of the organization. Businessman will also see good increase of sales and revenue during this month.

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in November 2018

During the first week of November’18 Aquarius sign may have to borrow money to meet out personal and professional expenses. You should control on your expenses and take decisions carefully otherwise you may find yourself in debt trap. You may have business or profession travel this month they will be fruitful and will get materialized in further coming months. You will get benefit from your profession. Relationship with your spouse will be good in his month, but you should try to avoid any conflicts arise between you. Your parents will enjoy good health and may go for pilgrimage. Jupiter Transit 2017 to 2018 on Libra

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in December 2018

You will see good time during the month of December’18 in term of money. You will be make handsome amount of money but you may face some health issues it is result of your ignorance towards health. Try to drink pure water. Your siblings may relocate or have some short trips of for away cities. Parents will enjoy good health and will spend lovely time with family. Your marital life will be fine; both of you will have some memorable personal moments; Your spouse is very unpredictable no one knows what will do in next moment.  Your professional life will be good and you may come in touch with some outsiders who will help you. You should take blessings of your pitris (ancestors). They will help you in smooth journey of your life. Avoid all types of addictions. Spouse will be good and you may visit to your in law’s house. You may also visit hospitals for you very near and dear one. Auspicious Hindu Marriage dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in January 2019

In January’19, Aquarian’s mind will remain fluctuate; don’t try to be humiliate or be short tempered towards others. Professional life will be just so so, you may travel for business or office work. Expenditures will remain lower than income. You may have some health issues like gastric problem, acute pain in knees. Siblings will give unconditional favour and support; parents will enjoy good health and will live joyful life. You will not have good relationships with your spouse. He or she will be unable to fulfil his responsibilities which will main cause between your differences. Your professional life will be very good during this month; businessman will get some new assignments and money also. You may think to expand your business this month. Salaried persons will see some unexpected events in his work place, they may be get promoted. Significance of Planets in vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in February 2019

In the month of February’19 you may get injure or any spot on the face. You will enjoy full support and unconditional favour of your siblings. Your parent’s will suffer from chronic disease during this month. Unmarried guys may be engaged with someone and their love story will conclude on the pleasing moment which is marriage. Your spouse will spend good time with you; both of you will have fun with each others. But your spouse’s nature is changed very frequently. Because of her nature you will feel uncomfortable. Your long pending unsold property may be sold out. Career wise time is also not very good; you will have to put some more efforts to bring your career on the track. You should take blessings of your ancestors. Jupiter in different houses vedic astrology

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in March 2019

March’19 will bring very much bitterness between you and your spouse. You should try to short out problems between you by discussion; she is more responsible for all these things.  Siblings will be in your favour. Parent’s health will be good during this month; they will spend good time with family. If you are thinking to purchase a new property this month your wish may be fulfilled. Professional life will be good this month your business will be at top and will give you good returns and if you are an employed you will get success to earn good faith of your superiors it will get you benefit very soon. Auspicious House Warming Muhurat Dates 2018

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in April 2019

During the month of April’19 you will reanalysis and evaluate yourself, your will feel very much spirituality inside you. This is best time for analysing your past karma and take steps to pay karmic debts. Siblings will do your favour and support. Your parents will enjoy good health and spend happy time with family members. Relationship with spouse will be very good and both of you will have good fun and will spend memorable time with each other. Career wise this month is very good you will get some new assignments; your reputation in the market is very good. If you are employed in any organization you will get new responsibilities. You may also lead the team.  Effect of Debilitated Jupiter for Various Ascendent Lagna

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in May 2019

In the month of May’19 you will be a little bit lazy now you will be in rest mood; but this is not good time to take rest. This time you should be fully dedicated in your business or organization towards your work. You have to achieve big goals of the life. You are not made for rest; you are “Karma Yogi”, so do karma till your last breath. You may have some issues from your siblings and differences between you will be increase.  Your parent’s health will also be concern for you, it may give you tension. You should take care of your parents. Marital harmony will be at best level between you and your spouse. Both of you will take care of each other. Professionally this time may give you some tension. You may have to face tough competition in the market and in work place also. You may also get transferred in undesired location. Birth Story of Rahu & Ketu

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in June 2019

June’19 will bring mixed things for you. This month you will be in stress; your behaviour will be like angry young man. Differences between siblings will remain same as previous month; your parents will see miraculous improvements in their health. They will spend very good time with family. You should be beware from your friends they may ditch you. Spouse will enjoy good moments with you and both of you will be fabulous understanding. Career wise time will not be very good; you may be suffered from office politics and may be entangled in financial crunch and if you are a businessman your payments may be delayed and you may have to postpone your future planning. You should take blessings of your Lord Murugana, your ancestors and try to chant Shiva Sankalp Sukta. They will help you to get the rid of your current problems.SATURN TRANSIT 2017 ON EACH NAKSHATRAS

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in July 2019

During the month of July’19 you may get some long time blocked money; it will help you a lot. Your mental state will improve a little bit. Siblings will not be in your favour this month also even you may have to bear some losses because of them. Father’s health will be a little bit down while mom will enjoy good health. Your spouse will be dissatisfied and frustrated somehow. It may be due to excess burden of responsibilities on her shoulders. You should distribute her responsibilities to others; so she can feel relax. You should also listen her carefully so that she can feel good. Professional life also won’t be going to very good during this month also. You may have loss in your business and delay recovery of payments. So you will have to face financial crunch which will put adverse effect in your market value. Salaried person will also face huge problems in the market; they will find very difficult to complete their sales and revenue generation target. Cancellation of Manglik or Kuja Dosha and Pariharas or Remedies

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in August 2019

During the month of August’19 you will start feeling good; your most of the tensions will be eradicated till then. This month will bring some surprises for you; you will get some monetary gain and feel relax professionally. Siblings will have good thoughts for you. They will feel guilty what they did with you. Parents will enjoy excellent health during this month. Your relationship with spouse will be good and both of you will have same feelings for each others. Both of you will have to be flexible for good and harmonious married life. Professionally this will be a little bit good for businessman and salaried persons. Both will get new opportunities in their work place. Businessman may start business in partnership.  Planetary combinations for becoming a doctor

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in September 2019

In the month of September’19 you will have some improvements then previous months in term of family, monetary and marital as well as your mental status which will also be in good state. Siblings will give your full favour and unconditional support. Parents will enjoy fabulous health and will have good time among family members. Your spouse will treat with you like a friend and both of you will enjoy happy and joyful life. Professional life will also be very good during this month. Your work tells others about you and you always get new assignments because of your previous projects. This month you will get lots of new projects. If you are a salaried person you will easily fulfil your sales and revenue generation target. Yogas leading to Asceticism

Jupiter Transit effect on Aquarius sign in October 2019

During the month of October’19 you may have some unexpected losses due to others fault. Your siblings will be in your favour but you should not expect much more from them. Health of your parents will be main concern for you. They may suffer from urinary problem and pain in the buttock. You should take them to the doctor. You will not be able to understand your spouse’ nature. Sometimes he or she seems very good and another moment she become just opposite. Your professional life will not be very good this month, you may feel very tired due to over load of work. You should appoint some new employees to help you in work place; otherwise you will fell ill.

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