KaalSarpa Yoga |kalasarpa dosha types and their effects in Vedic Astrology

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KaalSarpa Yoga |kalasarpa dosha

In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are shadows but not general planets like other seven.
But Rahu and Ketu in modern days have most influence on a person’s horoscope.
Out of many combinations of rahu – ketu placements in a horoscope, all planets being within rahu – ketu and rest 7 houses being empty is said to Kalasarpa yoga or dosha.
It can be a yoga or dosha based on other planets conjunct with rahu or ketu, owners of houses occupied by rahu , ketu and planets aspecting it and also position of them from lagna.
This Kalasarpa yoga has more effects on country/mundane horoscopes rathen than on human horoscopes.
If a country is formed under kalasarpa yoga(example : India got independence under kalasarpa yoga) , its growth is hindered by internal conflicts, terrorism, border related tensions, corruption etc.
Also , whenever kalasarpa yoga occurs in any year, the world and especially such countried as above will see more tensions.

Many people born under 1 out of 12 kalasarpa dosha types have lived happily but it is observed that most of them had female kids only and have struggled to make it big in their lives.
Most of them turn philosophical in their middle or old age, whenever they go through Rahu or Ketu dasha or a dasha of planet related to rahu – ketu.

a. Savya Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha

When all other 7 planets are in between rahu – ketu and moving towards ketu (tail) , the its savya kalasarpa yoga.
Since Rahu is considered as head of the serpent, in this position 7 planets are considered as swallowed by the head and moving towards tail.

b. Apasavya Kalasarpa Yoga / Dosha

This is opposite to above and when 7 planets are in between ketu – rahu and moving towards rahu(head)

There are 12 more kalasarpa yogas (doshas) described in ancient texts based on Rahu, Ketu positions with respect to ascendant or lagna.

  1. Ananta Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 1st house , Ketu in 7th house and all planets between them

  2. Kulika Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 2nd house , Ketu in 8th house and all planets between them

  3. Vasuki Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 3rd house , Ketu in 9th house and all planets between them

  4. Sankhapala Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 4th house , Ketu in 10th house and all planets between them

  5. Padma Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 5th house , Ketu in 11th house and all planets between them

  6. Mahapadma Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 6th house , Ketu in 12th house and all planets between them

  7. Takshaka Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 7th house , Ketu in 1st house and all planets between them

  8. Karkotaka Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 8th house , Ketu in 2nd house and all planets between them

  9. Sankhanath Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 9th house , Ketu in 3rd house and all planets between them

  10. Pathak Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 10th house , Ketu in 4th house and all planets between them

  11. Vishkat Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 11th house , Ketu in 5th house and all planets between them

  12. Seshnag Kalasarpa Yoga – Rahu in 12th house , Ketu in 6th house and all planets between them

Note that even if few planets are conjunct with raho or ketu, kalasarpa yoga’s effects are seen.

Whenever it happened during transits that all planets come in between rahu and ketu, these effects are seen on country and individuals too.
The main effect observed in lives of people effected by kalasarpa dosha, is that most of them only have female kids and they die unhappily in old age.


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