Kejriwal CM again? Delhi elections 2020

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Yes, Kejriwal CM again.

Election of Delhi has been declared today. Election will be on 8 February and result will be 11 February 2020.

Let us focus on the birth chart of Shri Arvind Kejriwal who is CM of Delhi from AAP now.

Arvind Kejriwal was born on 16 August 1968 at 07.30 am morning at Hisar Hariyana.

Leo sign is rising with Mercury Jupiter and Venus. Ketu in 2nd and Rahu in 8th. Moon Saturn in Aries 9th. Sun Mars in 12th. Sun at 29 degree led him to CM destination.

Now let us check the time frame of election and see whether AAP is coming again in the power or BJP this time ?

CM is running Jupiter Moon Jupiter at the time of election . Jupiter is strong in transit. On the day of election on 8th, Sun and Saturn will be in 6th and Moon will be in Cancer in 12th over his Sun and Mars.

Saturn Transit 2020

On the day of result on 11th February Moon will be in Leo Sign over his natal Jupiter.

This Moon will also be in the 9th aspect of transiting Jupiter. Mars will be in Sagittarius in 5th aspecting his natal Sun Mars. These all planetary position will give him excitement and victory too. Yes Kejariwal will be next CM of Delhi.

Now let us check how many seats AAP will get ?

Let us take the support of KP system.

This question was in my mind at 17.36 Hours today on 6 January 2020.

DAY Monday Moon
LAGNA Merc Rahu Ven Ven
MOON Mars Sun Mars Rahu

Ashwin Rawal Articles

Lagna is always Strong then Moon. Gemini is rising and Rahu also very strong double time in ruling planets . So we must focus on the figures of Gemini Sign Rahu Star numbers in KP tables.

They are between 47 to 55. Means AAP will get minimum 47 and maximum 55. Venus Sun and Mars are strong in ruling planets so we may come close and focus only on 52 53 or 55. AAP will get between 52 to 55 seats on 11 February 2020 in Delhi election .

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