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‘Kemadruma Dosha,  It is an inauspicious yoga, and can affect one’s life.

Let’s list out the planetary combinations required for the formation of this Yoga. Kemadruma Yoga is formed when there is no planet present on either houses on both sides of the house occupied by the Moon.

Look at the chart shown above, other planets are deliberately removed/erased by author, Moon is present in the second house. Look at the either side houses from the Moon i.e., 3rd(2nd from Moon) and 1st(12th from Moon) house, no planet has occupied them.

Also remember that Rahu, Ketu and Sun do not participate in this Yoga, so even if Rahu, Ketu or Sun was present on either sides or was in conjunction with Moon, Kemadruma Dosha still exist.

There are conditions when this Dosha gets cancelled, so before going into the consequences of this Dosha, let’s look if your Dosha gets cancelled. In following conditions, Kemadruma Yoga will get cancelled:

  1. Moon is in conjunction with or aspected by some beneficial planet, such as Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.
  2. Moon is present in a house of the beneficial planet such as, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus.
  3. If Moon is present in Kendra houses of your Lagna Chart.

There are many other conditions when Kemadruma Yoga gets cancelled, and I think there are only 20% chances when Kemadruma would still exist even if there is no planet on either sides.

Also it is said that Kemadruma has more effect when the person is born in a kingly house. If a person is born in an ordinary family, this Yoga has very less effect.

For example, look at the chart above, first thing is that Moon is present in the house of Jupiter, and second thing is that it has an aspect of Venus at 180. This is why the Kemadruma Dosha gets cancelled.

What happens when Kemadruma Dosha is present in your birth-chart? This is said that such person is deprived from the happy life, either in terms of deprivation from marriage, children, peace of mind, career, or friends etc.

This is said that all the Raj-Yogas get cancelled if Kemadruma Yoga is present in the chart.


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