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There are other kinds of Kemadruma Yogas mentioned in Jataka Parijata which are as follows :-(1) The Moon in Lagna or the 7th but not aspected by Jupiter.(2) All the planets devoid of strength and less Bindus in Ashtakavarga.(3) The Moon in case of a night birth if in fall or in enemy’s Rasi/Navamsa and aspected by the 10th lord.(4) The Moon in Scorpio Navamsa joining a malefic and aspected by Lagna lord.(5) The waning Moon in Neecha Rasi for a night birth. As regards Anapha, Sunapha and Durudhara Yogas according to Saravali by all possible permutations and transmutations, one can see 30 kinds of Sunapha yoga, 30 kinds of Anapha and 180 kinds of Durudhara yogas. For details please consult English translation and commentary of Saravali published by Ranjan Publications.6. The person with Sunapha Yoga at birth will be a monarch or his equal with self acquired property and respected and renounced for his intellectual ability and riches. The person born with Anapha Yoga will be powerful, will enjoy good health and will have sweet temperament. He will be famous and all worldly comforts will be available to him. He will be well dressed contented and happy.7. The native with Durudhara Yoga will enjoy all comforts of life as may become available to a ruler and will own abundant wealth and vehicles. He will be generous and will be attended to by faithful servants. One born under Kemadruma Yoga even if he belongs to a royal family, will become unknown and will lead a miserable life. He will be addicted to immoral ways, will face poverty, will be a menial and will be wickedly disposed.8. If benefic planets other than the Moon (and the nodes) are posited in the 2nd, the 12th and both the Bhavas from the Sun, the Yogas so formed are known as Subhavesi, Subhavasi and Subhobhayachari respectively. But if the planets forming the Yogas are malefics, the yogas so formed are called Papavesi, Papavasi, and Papobhayachari respectively.When the 12th and 2nd from the Lagna are occupied by benefics, the Yoga so formed is called Subhakartari. If these houses are occupied by malefics the resultant yoga is called Papakartari.If benefics without being aspected by malefics occupy the 2nd house from the Lagna, the Yoga so arising is known as Susubha.Notes — In most of the authoritative works of Hindu Astrology differendation lias been made between malefics and benefics in forming Subhavesi, Subhavasi and Subhobhayachari Yogas. According to them —(1) The yoga is called Subhavesi if amongst Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, any of them is in the 2nd to the Sun.(2) The Yoga is known as Subhavasi if any amongst the planets mentioned above is in the 12th to the Sun.(3) If any or more of the above planets are in the 2nd and 12th the Yoga is known as Ubhayachari Yoga.But as will be seen from verse 8, Shri Mantreswara has made a definite and clear distinction between the Yogas formed by benefics and those formed by malefics. We feel that Mantreswara’s views are very logical and therefore correct.9. The person with Subhavesi Yoga at birth will be very good looking, happy, meritorious, valiant, a king and virtuous. The person with Subhavasi Yoga will be renowned, dear to all, and very rich and prosperous. He will be governed and will be liked by the king. The native having Subhobhayachari Yoga in his birth chart will have an attractive body, will be soft spoken, will delight the world, will be eloquent, renowned and wealthy.10. The person with Asubhavesi Yoga at birth will unfairly defame others, will not be beautiful and will move in the company of low and wicked people. The person with Asubhavasi Yoga will be dishonest, harsh and abusive in speech and will associate with wicked people. He will be unvirtuous though he will have knowledge of Shastras and Scriptures. The person born in Asubhobhayachari yoga will suffer mentally due to dishonour in public and will be devoid of wealth and fortune.11. Subhakartari Yoga at birth will make a person longlived, fearless, healthy and without enemies. Papakartari Yoga will make the person miserable, bereft of wife and children. He will have defective limbs and will have a short life.Notes — Saravali which makes no differences between Subhavesi and Subhavasi and Asubhavesi and Asubhavasi Yogas has given effects of different planets forming Vesi and Vasi and Ubhayachari Yogas. According to Saravali should Jupiter cause Vesi Yoga, the native will accumulate money, be learned and be good-treated. If Venus produces this yoga, the person will be timid, will face obstacles in his missions, will have pleasant (swift) movements and will be defeated. Mercury’s participation Indicates that native will be a servant, will suffer penury, be soft-spoken and be modest. He will be bashful. Mars denotes that native will resort to base means but will be helpful to others. If it is Saturn that causes vesi yoga, one will join others’ wives, will be wicked, will resemble an old person in appearence, will be fraudulent in disposition and be contemptuous. He will, however, have wealth.If Jupiter should cause vasi yoga, the native will possess courage, strength and wisdom. He keeps up his word. In the case of Venus, the person will be valorous, famous, virtuous and reputed. Mercury emanating this Yoga will make one speak sweetly. He will be beautiful and will obey other’s orders. The Vasi Yoga caused by Mars indicates that the subject will be victorious in war, will be famous and will own fortunes. If the Yoga is caused by Saturn, the native will be businessman, wicked, will steel others’ money, will hate elders and will be husband of a pious woman.Our RecommendationYogas in Vedic AstrologyYogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 1Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 2Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 3Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 4Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 5Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 6Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 7Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 8Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part 9Raja yogas in Vedic Astrology by Phala Deepika

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