kemdrum yog | Kemadruma yoga | Kemadruma Dosha in Vedic Astrology

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Kemdrum yog | Kemadruma yoga | Kemadruma Dosha

Kemadruma yoga, as per its classical definition, arises when at the time of birth there are no planets on both sides of the Moon i.e. in the 2nd and in the 12th house from the house/sign occupied by the Moon. It is an inauspicious yoga. The person born with this yoga will be dirty, sorrowful, doing unrighteous deeds, poor, dependent, a rogue and a swindler. The presence of the Sun in these houses makes no difference. This yoga also causes Rajayogabhanga, it destroys the benefits of all Raja yogas. According to Srutakirti, Kemadruma yoga arises if there are no planets in the 4th and 10th bhavas from the Moon.

The evil effects of Kemadruma yoga are not felt in case –

  • the Moon situated in its sign of exaltation (Taurus) or in the navamsa of an intimate friend is aspected by either Jupiter or Venus or
  • if Venus occupying a quadrant receives the aspect of Jupiter or
  • if the Moon (preferably the Full Moon) in conjunction with a benefic or situated in a quadrant other than the Ascendat is aspected by Jupiter or
  • if there is a planet occupying a quadrant from the Ascendant or the Moon.

Then Kemadruma yoga gets cancelled, the person does not become a pauper.

Many yogas afflicting the Moon giving rise to Daridra yogas resulting in poverty are also known as Kemadruma yogas, such as –

  • the Moon in conjunction with either Rahu or Ketu aspected by a malefic or aspected by a benefic defeated in Grahayuddha (planetary warfare),
  • a malefic Moon situated in the 8th influenced by a malefic for a night-birth,
  • the Moon in conjunction with a malefic occupying for a night-time birth a malefic rasi and malefic navamsa is aspected by 10th lord house,
  • the Moon in a moveable rasi and in moveable but malefic navamsa not aspected by Jupiter is aspected by an inimical planet,
  • a malefic Moon is in its neecha navamsa (Scorpio) with a malefic and aspecting the 9th lord.

Mahadeva in the Dhanaviveka section of his treatise Jataka Tattva lists thirteen yogas indicating poverty, out of which four yogas arise on account of affliction to the Moon; they are –

  • The Moon, Jupiter and Saturn occupying the kendras from the lagna with Mars and Gulika in the 5th, 8th or the 12th,
  • The Moon and the Sun conjoining in a rasi but occupying each other’s navamsa,
  • The Moon and the Sun combining in Aquarius sign and all other planets in their respective signs of debilitation, and
  • The Moon or the Sun situated in the lagna either conjoining with or aspected by a Maraka (death-inflicting planet).

Ramanuja in his Bhavartha Ratnakara lists four combinations indicating poverty. He states that –

  • if the lords of the lagna, the 4th and the 9th combine in the 8th house, one suffers poverty from very birth,
  • if the lords of the 2nd and the 12th house are in mutual rasi-parivartana, one always suffers from poverty,
  • if the lord of the 2nd is in the 12th and the lord of the 9th is in the 8th house aspected by a Maraka, one becomes bereft of wealth and
  • poverty is indicated if the lord of the 5th is in the 6th and the lord of the 9th is in the 8th house aspected by a Maraka.

There are many more such yogas described in various texts and these yogas also nullify the good effects of Dhana yogas if found present. The good or bad impact of yogas depends on the relative strength or weakness of planets giving rise to yogas. Presence of Reka yogas and Daridra yogas add to the bad effects of Kemadruma yoga.

The bad impact of Kemadruma gets reduced or cancelled if the Moon is aspected by two or more planets.




Source: wikipedia

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