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Ketu is the name given to the lunar-node descending in Indian astrology. Ketu is the head body of a planet called Rahu in a form. This head was cut off by Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini Avatar at the time of churning the sea. This is a shadow planet. It is believed that it has a huge impact on human life and the whole universe. Ketu is often shown with a gem or a star on the head, causing a mysterious light.

Ketu condition according to Indian astrology

Rahu and Ketu, Sun and Moon’s parikrama paths are the two points of cutting each other (180 degrees) which are located in the opposite direction of the Earth. Since these planets are not an astronomical body, they are called shadow planet. The situation of Rahu and Ketu changes together because of walking on their own path in the universe of Sun and Moon. ′′ If the moon, Ketu (or Rahu) is on point at the time of Rahu Purnima, the moon, Ketu (or Rahu) is also on point, then the shadow of the earth seems to be a lunar eclipse, because the moon and the sun are in opposite direction at the time of full moon.

Significance of ketu

In Hindu astrology, Ketu is the dyotak of the collection of good and bad spirituality and natural influences. Ketu is related to Vishnu’s fish incarnation. Ketu is a symbol of the spiritual process of purification of physics and is considered both harmful and profitable, because where it causes pain and harm on one side, it can make a person a god on the other hand. It can even cause physical harm to the person to turn towards spirituality. This planet is a factor of logic, intelligence, knowledge, quietness, imagination, insight, insight, mindset, disruption and other mental qualities. Ketu, it is believed to enriches the family of his devotee, relieved from the effect of toxins caused by snakebite or other diseases. He gives good health, wealth and animal wealth to his devotees. Ketu represents the fire element in human body. For astrology calculations, Ketu is considered neutral or impotent planet. Ketu is a cruel planet as Mars by nature and Ketu also represents many areas represented by Mars. This planet is the owner of three constellations, Ashwini, Magha and the original constellation. This Ketu creates the situation of Kalsarpa Yoga along with Rahu in the birth horoscope. Ketu has been called the enemy of the sun and the moon. Ketu, makes impact like Mars. Ketu is high in Scorpio and Sagittarius and low in Taurus and Gemini.

Vedic Yogas

Birth of Ketu

On the cut of Lord Vishnu’s chakra, the head was called Rahu and the body became famous as Ketu. Ketu Rahu’s only Katabandh. Along with Rahu, Ketu also became a planet. According to Matsya Purana, there are many Ketu, among them there is a comet.

According to Indian-astrology this is the cinematography. It affects the life-area of a person and the entire creation. The effect of this in the sky is considered in the aircraft. According to some scholars, Ketu is special gentle and beneficial for the person than Rahu. In certain circumstances, it takes the person to the peak of fame. Ketu’s mandal is considered to be a flagist. Maybe this is why it looks like a flag waving in the sky. The measurement of this is only six fingers.

Although the original body of Rahu-Ketu was one and he was of the monster. But after being matured in the planets, they were considered to be reincarnated and declared their new tribes. On this basis, Rahu was considered a member of the Paithenas-clan and Ketu Jaimini-clan. Ketu’s character is smoker.

The condition of Ketu in the birth horoscope is not considered auspicious in the lagna, sixth, eighth and eleventh Bhav. Because of this, inauspicious effects are seen in the life of a person. Ketu in the horoscope, if sitting with their masters in the centre-triangle or with them in auspicious vision, then they become a yogakarak. In such a situation, they give their auspicious results like long life, wealth, physical happiness etc.

Those who come under Ketu reach good heights in life, most of which are at spiritual heights. Ketu’s wife Sinhika and Viprachitti had one hundred and one son.

The presence of Ketu in the horoscope of Ketu – Jatak in different expressions shows different effects

  • If there is Ketu in the first house, that is, in the lagna, then the person is playful, bhiru, and evil. Along with this, if it is in Scorpio, then it is soothing, rich and diligent.
  • If it is in second sense, then the person is Rajbhiru and the opponent.
  • If there is Ketu in the third sense, then the person is playful, vat patient, wasteful.
  • If it is in the fourth sense, then the person is playful, vachal, discouraged.
  • If he is in the fifth bhav, he is a patient of mischief and vat.
  • If it is in the sixth house, then the caste is a disorder, quarrelsome, and a friend.
  • If you are in the seventh house, then the person is mandamati, the one who is afraid of the enemy and is not happy.
  • If he is in the eighth sense, he is a mischievous, splendid, abusive and clever.
  • If you are in the ninth sense, then you will be happy and failing.
  • If there is a tenth sense, then a patriarchy is unfortunate.

Ketu is beneficial of all types in eleventh bhav. This type of person is lucky, scholar, good quality, stunning but suffering from disease.

If there is Ketu in twelfth bhav, then the person has a high position, the one who conquers the enemy, the intelligent, the betrayer and the suspicious nature.

Effects of Ketu

When the sun is with Ketu, it has a bad impact on the business of the person, father’s health, respect, age, happiness etc.

If the moon is with Ketu and no other auspicious planet’s vision on it, then the person is a victim of mental illness, environment, madness etc.

This yoga in Scorpio lagna makes the person extremely religious.

  • If Mangal is with Ketu, it makes the person violent. People affected by this yoga cannot control their anger and sometimes they become murderers.
  • If Mercury is with Ketu, the person suffers from incurable disease. This yoga makes him mad, crazy, clever, hypocrite or thief. He behaves against religion.
  • If Ketu is with the Guru, then he eliminates the Satvik qualities of the Guru and makes the Jatak anti-tradition. If this yoga is in any auspicious sense, then the person is interested in astrology.
  • If Venus is with Ketu, then the person is attracted to other’s women or men.
  • If Shani is with Ketu, he even commits suicide. Such a person is a terrorist trend. If Jupiter has a vision, he is a good yogi.
  • If a woman has Ketu in the birth of a woman or a newborn lagna, her child is born due to operation. In this yoga, if the auspicious planets have vision, then the pain is less.

Ketu gives inauspicious fruit for hurting nephew and taking away their rights. Ketu gives inauspicious fruit on killing a dog and killing it by someone, breaking any temple or destroying the flag. Ketu gives inauspicious fruits even after cheating and giving false testimony. So man should live his life systematically. No one should run his livelihood by suffering or deceit. No creature should be considered under you, so that the planets have to endure the inauspicious sufferings.

Effect of positive ketu and negative ketu

Negative ketu with guru indicates disability, similarly positive ketu with means and says to be established in a place of responsibility, Pisces ka ketu is considered to be high and Ketu of Virgo is negative It is said that Pisces is the zodiac sign of Guru and Virgo is the zodiac sign of Mercury. Guru is related to knowledge and Mercury is very different from tongue, knowledge and tongue. With this, if there is Ketu with Saturn, then it is called black dog, Saturn is cold and also dark. If Guru makes you feel the heat, then even cold turns into heat, along with Chandra Ketu, get the blessings of Guru. In order to do it, the person must believe in the religion, first he should receive the blessings of his family’s teacher i.e. father, then he should receive the grace of the priest of his clan, or he should have a teacher named mind in his body. Get the mercy.

Ashwin Rawal Articles

Mars gets third place in Navagraha and Ketu is the ninth place, yet in the books of astrology, it is written in many places that Mars and Ketu are the planets that give equal fruit. In astrology, Mars and Ketu are called as sin planet as Rahu and Saturn. Both Mangal and Ketu are considered to be fierce and grumpy nature. Their nature is fire-headed, even though Mars and Ketu are a nature, there are many differences between them and in many subjects, Mangal Ketu seems to be the same.

Equality in Mars and Ketu

Mars and Ketu both are enthusiastic planets, but their enthusiasm does not last long. Like the boil of milk, the more their enthusiasm touches the sky, the sooner it becomes cold. So, the people affected by them don’t stand on an issue for longer, the sooner their enthusiasm decreases and diminishes from the issue. This is the quality of Mangal and Ketu that they like the happiness of power very much. They make a lot of progress in politics and in government affairs. They find it interesting to rule instead of being ruled. Both Mars and Ketu are called the disturbing, violent, and hard-hearted planet. But, when these two planets come to give, they start showing the height of generosity, that is, they fill the house with respect, wealth.

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