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Lizard Astrology

Lizard Astrology is the Lizard mythology which is being believed by most of the South Indians. These things may or may not happen.

Lizard falling effect: Lizard Astrology 

MenLizard falling effectWomenLizard falling effect
HeadBe ready for Disputes/cashesHeadAfraid of death
Top headAfraid of deathHair knotWorry about sickness
FaceExpect financial profitsCalf of the legExpect visitors
Left eyeIt s for goodLeft eyeGet love from your man
Right eyeUn-successful/fail/lostRight eyeMental stress
ForeheadLack of involvement/separationChestIt s for good
Right cheekSadnessRight cheekMale child may born
Left earBeneficial/ IncomeUpper right earExpect financial profits
Upper lipBe ready for disputesUpper lipBe ready for disputes
Lower lipExpect financial profitsLower lipYou will get new things
Both lips togetherFear of deathBoth lips togetherReady to face difficulties
MouthFear of bad health conditionBreastUnhappiness may occur
Left of the back sideVictory/gain/fear of ruler/night dreamsBack sideExpect death news
ArmFinancial loss, FailureHandsFinancial profits
FingersExpect visitors and close friendsLeft handCreates mental stress
Right armTroubleFingersGet ornaments
Left armMay bring shameRight armRomance ahead
MustacheExpect hurdlesShouldersGetting ornaments
Back footGet ready for a journeyThighsExpect romance
ToesPhysical illnessKneesFondness/affection
Right legYou will be defeated/loss  

The chirping of the lizard and what it portends it is said that the direction from which the chirping is heard on particular days of the week have to be taken into consideration. The following table has been arranged to indicate what the chirping portends on particular days in particular directions.

Lizard Astrology: Lizard chirping portends on particular days in particular directions.

SundayEastFearNorth-WestGain of new cloth
SundaySouth-EastEvilNorthGain of gems
SundaySouthGoodNorth- EastGeneral gain
SundaySouth-WestOpportunity to see relativesAboveSuccess
SundayWestQuarrelGround BelowFailure in attempts
MondayEastGain of wealthNorth-WestCalamity
MondaySouth-EastRebellionNorthGain of new cloth
MondaySouthEnmityNorth- EastMarriage
MondayWestReception from RulersGround BelowProsperity
TuesdayEastProsperityNorth-WestNews from distant parts
TuesdaySouth-EastGain of relativesNorthFear from enemies
TuesdaySouthSorrowNorth- EastGain from vehicles
TuesdayWestSuccessGround BelowGreat gain
WednesdaySouth-EastGain of wealthNorth- EastWant of success
WednesdaySouthSicknessSkyGood news
WednesdaySouth-WestLoss of relativesGround BelowProsperity
WednesdayWestFearNorth- westLoss of wealth
ThursdayEastCalamityNorth-WestLoss of wealth
ThursdaySouth-EastGood reception from relativesNorthHappiness
ThursdaySouthSicknessNorth- EastGood meals
ThursdaySouth-WestLoss of relativesAboveRebellion
ThursdayWestFearGround BelowRebellion
FridayEastGood newsNorth-WestQuarrel in house
FridaySouthVisit of relativesNorth- EastVictory over the enemy
FridaySouth-WestGood newsSkyGain of things
FridayWestJoyGround BelowFreedom from pollution
SaturdayEastGood wordsNorth-WestRelationship with new women
SaturdaySouth-EastGain of wealthNorthPleasing news
SaturdaySouthAudience with the rulersNorth- EastFear from thieves
SaturdaySouth-WestSicknessSkyFailure in attempts
SaturdayWestGain of new clothGround BelowSuccessful in everything

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