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Lizard Astrology

Lizard Astrology is the Lizard mythology which is being believed by most of the South Indians. These things may or may not happen.

Lizard falling effect: Lizard Astrology 

Men Lizard falling effect Women Lizard falling effect
Head Be ready for Disputes/cashes Head Afraid of death
Top head Afraid of death Hair knot Worry about sickness
Face Expect financial profits Calf of the leg Expect visitors
Left eye It s for good Left eye Get love from your man
Right eye Un-successful/fail/lost Right eye Mental stress
Forehead Lack of involvement/separation Chest It s for good
Right cheek Sadness Right cheek Male child may born
Left ear Beneficial/ Income Upper right ear Expect financial profits
Upper lip Be ready for disputes Upper lip Be ready for disputes
Lower lip Expect financial profits Lower lip You will get new things
Both lips together Fear of death Both lips together Ready to face difficulties
Mouth Fear of bad health condition Breast Unhappiness may occur
Left of the back side Victory/gain/fear of ruler/night dreams Back side Expect death news
Wrist Beautification/Modification Nails Argument/conflicts
Arm Financial loss, Failure Hands Financial profits
Fingers Expect visitors and close friends Left hand Creates mental stress
Right arm Trouble Fingers Get ornaments
Left arm May bring shame Right arm Romance ahead
Mustache Expect hurdles Shoulders Getting ornaments
Back foot Get ready for a journey Thighs Expect romance
Toes Physical illness Knees Fondness/affection
Ankle Trouble    
Right leg You will be defeated/loss    

The chirping of the lizard and what it portends it is said that the direction from which the chirping is heard on particular days of the week have to be taken into consideration. The following table has been arranged to indicate what the chirping portends on particular days in particular directions.

Lizard Astrology: Lizard chirping portends on particular days in particular directions.

Week Direction Prediction Direction Prediction
Sunday East Fear North-West Gain of new cloth
Sunday South-East Evil North Gain of gems
Sunday South Good North- East General gain
Sunday South-West Opportunity to see relatives Above Success
Sunday West Quarrel Ground Below Failure in attempts
Monday East Gain of wealth North-West Calamity
Monday South-East Rebellion North Gain of new cloth
Monday South Enmity North- East Marriage
Monday South-West Quarrel Sky Evil
Monday West Reception from Rulers Ground Below Prosperity
Tuesday East Prosperity North-West News from distant parts
Tuesday South-East Gain of relatives North Fear from enemies
Tuesday South Sorrow North- East Gain from vehicles
Tuesday South-West Enmity Sky Journeys
Tuesday West Success Ground Below Great gain
Wednesday East Joy North Happiness
Wednesday South-East Gain of wealth North- East Want of success
Wednesday South Sickness Sky Good news
Wednesday South-West Loss of relatives Ground Below Prosperity
Wednesday West Fear North- west Loss of wealth
Thursday East Calamity North-West Loss of wealth
Thursday South-East Good reception from relatives North Happiness
Thursday South Sickness North- East Good meals
Thursday South-West Loss of relatives Above Rebellion
Thursday West Fear Ground Below Rebellion
Friday East Good news North-West Quarrel in house
Friday South-East Decoration North Quarrelsome
Friday South Visit of relatives North- East Victory over the enemy
Friday South-West Good news Sky Gain of things
Friday West Joy Ground Below Freedom from pollution
Saturday East Good words North-West Relationship with new women
Saturday South-East Gain of wealth North Pleasing news
Saturday South Audience with the rulers North- East Fear from thieves
Saturday South-West Sickness Sky Failure in attempts
Saturday West Gain of new cloth Ground Below Successful in everything

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