Lords of various house in 10th House / Karma bhava

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Lords of various house in 10th House – Vedic Astrology Lessons

Lords of various house in Karma / 10th house

Lords of various house in 10th House: Lord of 1st in Karma house: Strong leadership, easy public recognition if exalted or strong, and if in fall, might spoil his/her career due to self esteem problems.

Lord of 2nd in karma house: A good leader with strong morals and principles, enriches his/her leadership with culture and business ideas.

Lords of various house in 10th House
Lords of various house in 10th House

Lord of 3rd in Karma house: Public relations, might need public approval for every action, and might not be able to protect the monetary interest of the society at large.

Lord of 4th in Karma house: Very popular and trusted leader but only at the root level and not at the national level, might lack global instinct.

Lord of 5th in karma house: A strong leader who would like to play and create or gamble, might be very uncomfortable in the role of a director, but would do extremely well in industry of theatre.

Lord of 6th in Karma house: The native of this kind can be extremely good at handling leadership in areas that involve conflicts like police, Army, medicine, debt, divorce, loans etc.

Lord of 7th in Karma house: Auspicious, Particularly good results in administrative law, judgeship, policy and planning, human relations/human resources, diplomacy, and other agreement-seeking disciplines.

Lord of 8th in Karma house:The house of Saturn dislikes change and this native might shun change, the native adopts a very linear approach, like I want to go up inch by inch and if matched with someone who want to scale everest overnight, conflicts would arise and thenative might change his location but would not change or adapt to the existing conditions.

Lord of 9th in Karma house: Good leadership for thepeople and the native, brings some great value to the leadership role and might have a very broad view point if the Grah is auspicious and this native might take the leadership as a responsibility towards the society, understand law and self righteous, and would be trusted by people he/she would lead.

Lord of 10th in Karma house: In a way the best position for the lord of 10th, the native might have a global perspective and is well suited for multinational corporation, mega plans and large scale projects, all planets would give an extra edge as a team player except Surya ( Sun) here is too independent, Saturn would be the best.

Lord of 11th in Karma house: This position is not suitable for the financial position of the native himself/herself, he/she might bring some knowledge to the administration but would remain aloof, the native might connect people and commerce.

Lord of 12th in Karma house: The Lord of Vyaya house in Karma house, it is a difficult proposition, the native would loose for the benefit of the organization, not a candidate for open arguments and discussions, would like to operate behind close doors and make secret contracts, so the advisers might remain at loggerheads with the native, good at international levels and plays.

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