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Mahapurusha yogas
Mahapurusha yogas

MAHAPURUSHA YOGAS Raja-yoga is rare and occurs in a person’s horoscope, causing immense enrichment in the native’s life. This Yoga is directly related to the profession / business and indicates good financial earnings. A person having this yoga is strong in his related profession, also earns a lot of fame and wealth.

Examples : Sri Mukhesh Ambani, Ms. Venus Williams, Smt. Sonia Gandhi and the like. Raja yoga is formed by the grahas (planets) and house (raasis) combinations in a chart. The ideal combination is formed when the graha representing the Kendra house associates with the Trikona (trine) house. The association could be a direct aspect (drusthi) or staying together (conjunct) in same house.

The Kendra house (quadrans) numbers are 1,4,7,10 and are known as Sri Narayana-sthanas. The Trikona house (trines) numbers are 1,5,9, and are known as Sri Maha Lakshmi sthanas. The best of the best yogas of the Raj yoga is called the “Maha-raja Adipati Yog”, kings of king, Emperor Status. Lakshmi-sthaanam thrikonancha; Vishnu-sthaanancha kendraaha. thayo sambandha mathrena , Raja-yoga adhiakam, bhaveth ! If the lords of kona and kendra are conjunct in same beneficial house, the person is blessed with Raja-yogam; if these lords exchange their places also in good houses, they give many benefits, the person gets longevity, health, wealth, happiness, name and fame. 9th house in konam and 10th house in Kendram are best houses; if lords of 9th and 10th houses are conjunct in same house, and there are no malefic effects associated, the person enjoys Raja-yogam. Dharma-karma adhipa parivarthana / sama-agma yogas.

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1) Sri Rajeev Gandhi (Prime Minster of India during 1984—91); he was de facto sole-monarch of India, had more than 18 powerful raja-yogas in his natal chart and so enjoyed Maha-raja-adhipathi yoga.

2) Ms. Venus Williams (world Champion in Tennis) for a decade has over 12 raja-yogas; so she enjoys now Maha-rani-adhipathi yoga.

3) Also Smt. Sonia Gandhi (an Italian by birth and growth) the present de factor monarch and sole-ruler of India (2004—2009) has over a dozen raja-yogas and enjoys now Maha-rani-adhipathi yoga.

4) Bhagavan Sri Ramachandra (Hindu God; incarnation of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu) has many raja-yogas and Mahapurusha yogas in his birth chart and has the best Chakravarthi (Supreme Emperor of the entire Universe; Srushti=creation) yoga.

5) Bhagavan Goutama Buddha (Prince Siddhratha) was by birth the crown Prince of Sahkya kingdom (present Nepal). He enjoyed royal life in royal palace for about 32 years. He then took asceticism (Sanyasa deeksha). He got Divine Enlightenment and became a saint-preacher and taught dharma (known as Buddhism – religion now). He had thousands of followers and devotees when he was alive. Now Buddhism is a powerful religion all over the world; billions of people worship Buddha as Supreme God. So he had many raja-yogas and strong Parivrajaka yoga (asceticism) and had maha-raja-adhipa yoga in his natal chart. Hindus now worship Guatma Buddha as the 10th avathar (incarnation) of Bhagavan Sri Maha Vishnu.

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Pancha Mahapurusha Yogas : Following are the five yogas formed by five planets- Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn : these make the person Maha-purusha (a great personality). ‘Maha’ means great and ‘purusha’ means human being. This is a planetary combination that gives her / him exemplary qualities of that benefic planet.

(a) Ruchaka : When Mars is in exaltation or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or Moon, this yoga is formed . In this yoga native will have good health, wealth and get higher position in defence or police. The person shall be brave, arrogant, and the victor. Kujo Ruchaka-yoga yuthe, bhoo-laabham, dhana-laabhancha, daara, puthra abhivardhanam, bhraathru-soukhyam, man—utsaaham, krushi-moola-dhana-agamam viseshthaha.(Jataka Marthandam), Also Read about Ruchaka Yoga.

(b) Hamsa Yoga : When Jupiter is in exaltation sign or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or Moon, this Yoga is formed . In this yoga native will have good personality and good moral character. The person shall be religious, and very fortunate. Vividha-sasthra rahasya-vichakshana, sukee, su-jeevana, punya-samanvithaha, savala-vallbha-vandhya, su-charitravaan, bhavathi Deva-guru Hamsa yoga-yuthe (Jataka Marthandam). Also Read about Hamsa Yoga.

(c) Bhadra Yoga : This yoga is formed when Mercury is in its exaltation sign, own sign and is in kendra to Moon and lagna. With this yoga person will have good proportional limbs and strong body, with wealth and comforts. The person shall be rich, prospers in business and independent in life. The person shall be an intellectual, learned, rich. Santho, vineetha-ssutham, udaaro, naraha sada-achara paro, athi-dheera, vidya, kalagno, vipula-atmajascha, Soumyo Bhadra-yoga-yuthe. (Jataka Marthandam) The classical texts praise this yoga with descriptions like, “The person is physically strong and healthy, with long arms, commanding stature, a gait with the majesty of an elephant, face like a lion, broad chest and shoulders, and proportionate limbs. The voice is sweet and impressive. The person is virtuous and learned, of a stable mind and very intelligent. Independent in all undertakings, judicious, extremely wealthy, blessed with comforts etc.”

(d) Malavya Yoga : When Venus is in its exaltation sign, own sign or is in kendra to lagna and Moon, native will be wealthy, handsome, well built body and will be happy with his family. He will have good comforts in life. Bahu kala-kusalo, vimalokthikruth, su-vadana, madananubhavaha, pumaan avani-nayaka-maana, dhana-anvitho, Bhrugu-suthe, Malavya yoga-yuthe (Jataka Marthandam). The person shall be wealthy, loves life, sometimes self-indulgent; he shall have good marriage, and happy married life; she / he possesses strong sense of justice. Also Read about Malavya Yoga.

(e) Sasa Yoga : When Saturn is in its exaltation or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or Moon, native will have many servants and also have good wealth and health. The person shall be powerful and strict and enjoys high position of authority. Also Read about Sasa Yoga.

Mande Sasya-yoga-yuthe, subha-yuthe, drushte, raja-poojyo, bhave naraha. Paropakaaram, nrupa-labdhe-bhagyam, krishnaani dhaanyani krushincha-laabham, jana-adhipathyam, suka-bhojanancha, kakathra, mithra, aatmaja, soukhyamethi (Jatak Marthandam)   Resource: Jyothishi

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